Prying Parents Share The Worst Thing They Discovered About Their Child.

Prying Parents Share The Worst Thing They Discovered About Their Child.


19. While I never pried, I was placing clean laundry into my son's dresser drawers when I spied several hot lesbo porn magazines. Problem was, they were mine. And I wasn't yet out of the closet. And I was still married to his dad. Yeah.


20. My mum went in to my msn chat logs when I went to go live with my dad (I was not a savvy rebel, forgot to check 'don't save') and found all my cybering, I was like 14. She said it was way worse than the 'I hate my parents' type of stuff.


21. My very conservative mother opened my follow up letter from the abortion clinic. Rather than ask me about it she showed my boyfriend in private in an attempt to break us up.


22. I found out they don't know how to use private browsing on the iPhone, all history saved, this disappointed me more than the actual history.


23. Used to torrent porn because that was all I knew to do. One day I open my torrent client and see it already downloading several kinky vids. I assume it's just the client being spammy and gross, so I delete the files and proceed on to my vanilla multi gig downloads.

The next day my dad sits me down and says I should watch out for the upstairs computer because it "has been acting up" or something. Says he is aware it has downloaded some gross stuff, but he immediately says he knows it wasn't me. His confidence that it wasn't me surprises me, and that's when I realize it was his. I guess he saw that somebody deleted the files and panicked thinking that I was judging him, so he had to come up with a story about how the computer does that stuff on its own so I would know it wasn't him.

If he hadn't said anything, that's what I would have assumed.


24. Well this is from my perspective, not my parents but i know it still probably was awkward. I have a habit of being too tired i fall asleep while enjoying some porn. Mom came in to wake me up, found me butt naked, face down, with porn playing on my phone.


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