Scarred-For-Life People Share The Most Terrifying Thing They Ever Woke Up To.

Scarred-For-Life People Share The Most Terrifying Thing They Ever Woke Up To.


13/23 I once woke up bright and early to my cat squeezing out a wet, sloppy cat-dump onto my upper stomach/chest, perfectly on display for my delirious, rheum-encrusted gaze. I guess I had accidentally closed her into my room for the whole night.

It was the weirdest thing ever. She was kind of shaking and making weird mewing noises. I think she felt really bad and stressed out about it, and her way of both comforting herself and somehow giving me some sort of apology or acknowledgement of regret was to lay her generously-sized Cleveland steamer on my chest. It's ok. I had a shirt on and blanket covering me.


14/23 After surgery, I woke up to a catheter being removed.

Before the surgery I was told that I wouldn't need one, but it lasted longer than expected. Thus, I had no idea what was going on and thought they were ripping my [penis] off.


15/23 I was awoken early one morning to what sounded like a nuclear bomb. It was a loud blast that rumbled for a good ten seconds. I immediately looked out the window to see if there were any mushroom clouds.

I was living on a lake at the time, so the sound that I heard was actually thunder that echoed over the water. Still scary.


16/23 I used to have a bunk bed that was only the top bunk; it was wooden and probably over 15 years old. I was a senior in high school and was definitely too big for the bed, but I kept using it regardless. At 2 am, the day of my AP English test, my bed collapsed. If you've seen Inception then you're familiar with the concept of the "kick". Well, it's completely true. I dropped straight down a good 5 1/2 feet and was awakened the instant is started, so I got to experience the whole drop. I was unhurt, but extremely disoriented.


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