Shaken People Share A Terrifying Experience They Had That Will Stick With Them Forever.

Shaken People Share A Terrifying Experience They Had That Will Stick With Them Forever.


Have you ever experienced that numb feeling of sheer terror? A terror that paralyzes you to your very bones, a feeling that will forever be etched into your memory? Here, shaken people share a terrifying experience they've had that they will never forget.

1. From zero to a hundred.

When I was little, I was biking with my dad through our a neighborhood a few blocks from our own. While we were riding, I lost my balance and fell of my bike, crashing into a mailbox and knocking it over. I felt terrible, and when the owner of the house whose mailbox I had just ploughed through came out screaming at me, I felt worse.

I tried to apologize. I even offered to fix it. The guy didn't care.

He kept pushing me down, yelling swears at me that I had never heard before given my age at the time. When I did get to my feet, he kept charging me, forcing me to give ground and pushing me every time he got within arms reach. Then he started kicking me. Hard. Hard enough to knock the wind out of me. But what scared me the most were his eyes. Angry, hateful, and pitiless. I honestly thought he was going to kill me.

As I had raced ahead of my dad, he was just turning the corner onto the street at this point. He took one look at what was happening and that was it. He ditched his bike, charged up the street and started pummeling the man. No words. Just fists.

I sat there in pure shock as I watched my dad. Neighbors called the cops and came out to the street, trying to break it up. The whole time I sat there in silence, just trying to piece together some reason or cause for everything that had just occurred.

In the end, my dad was let off with a warning. Most of the neighbors backed him up, as they had seen the mailbox guy beating me around before they'd come out to help break things up.

I vaguely remember a few trips to the police station after that. Answering questions, pointing at the guy who'd beaten me. I remember hearing some neighbor tell me he'd moved away after the neighborhood committee kept harassing him. Some lady told me, "He won't hurt anyone again, sweetie."

Still never forgot though. Those eyes still scare me.


2. Never again.

Being drunk as heck, alone in the absolutely pitch black woods at night walking home from a party taking a shortcut. I then out of nowhere started to get this unnerving feeling that I was being watched that I couldn't quite shake for around 30 seconds straight, before hearing the whistling of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" somewhere very close to me.

Now that sent a chill up my spine like nothing else before in my life, as despite hearing it almost as if the whistling was coming from right beside me I couldn't make out where it was coming from due to how dark it was.

I then bolted. No idea if that man was planning on harming me but hearing that was something I'll never forget, I never take that stupid shortcut anymore at night.


3. That made it ten times worse.

I was on a plane once and we hit some turbulence. The plane shook and the lights were flickering. Then the lights went out for a few seconds and the young girl in front of me, probably 3 or 4, started calmly singing, "the London bridge is falling down, falling down" and I was convinced the plane was crashing.


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