Sheepish People Reveal The Pettiest Reason They Actually Broke Up With Someone.

Sheepish People Reveal The Pettiest Reason They Actually Broke Up With Someone.


There are many reasons to end relationships. Some reasons, however, are less justified than others.

Here, people reveal the pettiest reason they broke up with someone.

1/29. They raised the toll 75 cents going across this bridge I had to hit to get to her and it wasn't worth it anymore.


2/29. Fifth grade.

I liked this boy so much. He sat at my table, he had a cool bowl cut (hey, it's was 1993), he was smart and funny and really cute. He gave me butterflies.

He finally asked me out, we went to the Halloween dance together and everything. Had a pizza date. Held hands.

Then one day my mom picked us up from school and in the car my boyfriend and my sixth grade brother were talking and my bro was excitedly telling him about this video game thing, don't really remember the details.

Once we got in the house and we were in private, my boyfriend turns to me and says, "Wow, your brother's a dork!"

That was it. Lost all affection for him. Butterflies gone. Dumped him.

My brother is the BEST.


3/29. When I was 20 and in college, my family's house burnt down along with our dogs. I figured that since I was already losing everything, I might as well lose my girlfriend too. Hard to explain, but I feel like it was a good opportunity to start over. I dumped her while the ashes were still smoldering, at no fault of her own.


4/29. Christmas was like a week away and I didn't want to buy a gift.


5/29. 17-year-old me didn't feel like driving an hour to see long distance girlfriend and instead, broke up over the phone, stayed home and played video games.


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