Sheepish People Reveal The Pettiest Reason They Actually Broke Up With Someone.


16/29. We ate mushrooms one night in college and we were coming down laying in bed and I realized she had a weird smell about her. I forgot about it, fell asleep, and after a couple more times seeing each other I ended it because the smell was permanent. Her natural aroma. I just couldn't shake it. It was like a combination of poppers and sweaty feet. We weren't a great match anyways but the smell made the choice easy.


17/29. She said she was a big Pink Floyd fan. Later, didn't recognize Pink Floyd on the radio.


18/29. She said Nickelback was modern day Shakespeare.


19/29. When my younger brother was in college he broke up with a girl for "cutting into his gaming time".


20/29. He ate chicken wings with knife and fork...


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