Sheepish People Reveal The Pettiest Reason They Actually Broke Up With Someone.


21/29. He ate my lunch while I left to get napkins for him. The only meals I ever really got my junior year was the free lunch provided from the school district for low income families. He didn't know that and assumed it was OK because I usually don't get mad over those kind of things but I was on my period and just got done with stupid standardized testing. So I walked away and never looked back.


22/29. I didn't date someone because she was too into disco. She was one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. She was funny and very fun to be around. She was independent, but very affectionate. She liked me. I liked her. She serenaded me at a jazz bar unexpectedly with the most beautiful rendition of My Funny Valentine. But I was a music aficionado and at the time, I couldn't stand disco. She played it all the time. Turns out it was a very passing fad for her and now I like disco. I still think about it sometimes twenty years later.


23/29. She pronounced it "supposibly".


24/29. His schedule was too irregular.


25/29. I was too lazy to be in a relationship. All I felt like doing was being alone and doing what I wanted.


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