Shocked People Share The Moment They Realized They Clearly Underestimated Someone.

Shocked People Share The Moment They Realized They Clearly Underestimated Someone.


19/26. I was arguing with a customer at work. I, like a smart aleck, tried to reinforce a point I was making by quoting the only line I knew from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. She, in a fit of anger proceeded to give me the next 20 lines of that character's soliloquy, all from memory.

I was owned, big time.


20/26. I once thought it was safe to change the baby's diaper because he couldn't possibly crap anymore, nope he crapped more while I was changing him.


21/26. I invited my girlfriend along to paintball for my 21st birthday, her grandparents owned a farm so I knew she wasn't a princess but she certainly isn't low maintenance.

The game was capture the flag. The field was set up in a valley with a team on either side and a single meter-wide footbridge connecting the two sides. The flag was sitting in the middle of the bridge, the only cover was 2 waist-high walls on either side.

We push up to the flag and are pinned by a vicious volley of vivid viscera. Naturally, I am scared and hunker down. Just as I had mustered enough courage to peep my head above the cover, I see my girlfriend blaze past with reckless abandon, shooting wildly. She nabs the flag, runs back past me and back towards base. She never got hit.

I have never been more stunned/impressed than that moment.


22/26. In one of my first tae kwon do sparring classes, this obese dude is taking class and I'm thinking, "Good for him for trying but what in the world can he even do?" We get to sparring, he kicks me effortlessly in the side of the head. I didn't even see the kick coming.

At the end of class, during cool down stretching, the dude had a full side split. Never underestimated someone based on their size after that again.


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