Shocked People Share The Moment They Realized They Clearly Underestimated Someone.

Shocked People Share The Moment They Realized They Clearly Underestimated Someone.


23/26. My grandparents had a beautiful marriage. They met at a sailor's dance when my grandfather was in the navy. My grandmother married him and moved to the US. They were loving and inseparable. Best friends. Soul mates Id say. Ive never seen two people treat each other with that amount of respect.

In 2001, my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. It was heartbreaking to watch. Near the end, he would carry around their wedding photo asking where his wife was, refusing it was her. She endured the heartache and took care of him until it became difficult. Due to the disease, he became violent and frustrated. He would get lost and lash out. Even when he went into hospice care, not speaking, she sat by him and was strong for us. For him. For herself.

In 2004, he passed away. During the funeral, we were all a wreck. I remember trying to fight through tears to see my grandmother as she walked up to the casket. She leaned down to kiss him, promising to see him soon. When they gave her the flag, smiled and looked as proud as could be.

A few years later, I recalled this to her and asked how she was so strong. She said that nothing would separate them. Not even death. She said she feels him every second of every day.

Clearly underestimated.


24/26. I saw a fight on my college campus my sophomore year. The first guy was probably 6'2", and at least 220. The other guy was no taller than 5'6" and 140 when soaking wet.

The smaller guy was trying to stop the fight constantly. When the bigger guy started throwing punches, he was just dodging them left and right and telling the big guy to calm down.

The big guy finally hit him in the jaw after at least 10 failed attempts. The smaller guy said "You hit me one more time, and I'm gonna lay you out." He dodged a few more before the big guy landed a shot to the gut. Little guy stepped back, set his feet, and gave him an uppercut that made me wanna yell out, "Shoryuken!"

The big guy went stiff and fell straight back. Little guy lit a cigarette and walked away.


25/26. Nothing much but when I saw my friend play chess. I've always considered myself a decent player but when I heard him think aloud, just how far ahead he thinks to make the right moves to fork my pieces, win trades and eventually win the game, it really opened my eyes that he's not just another derpy kid at school


26/26. I underestimated my mom's whole family. Up until recently I never really bothered to ask her about her childhood. She grew up in Bolivia with 3 other sisters and a brother in a small apartment complex. Her father died when she was about 10 years old and it was just her mother and her siblings left. Almost all they money that was supposed to be left to them went to who they believed to be her father's jeweller/possible mistress.

They were poor and had no income. Everyone in her house had to start working so that they could survive. The older siblings had to drop out to send they younger ones to school. My mother met my father and left to america with the rest of the sisters and started a great life here. Her brother Went to college and eventually became El Defensor del Pueblo, a government appointed human rights lawyer. He is now running for the head of a university and possibly working his way up to run for the presidency of Bolivia (rumor).



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