Smitten People Share The Moment They Knew They Were Dating A Keeper.

Smitten People Share The Moment They Knew They Were Dating A Keeper.


9. Watching the new Star Trek movie, she pauses at a critical moment in the film and says, "Who the hell is Khan? Can we watch the other movies so I can find out?"

My inner child nerd high-fived me.


10. Early on in our relationship I was in and out of sleep one night and he's awake confessing his love for me to my cat. I don't remember everything he said but when I woke up the next morning with our bodies completely entwined with one another with very little space between that's when I knew. The past five years we've been through it all and I wouldn't trade any of it for anything.


11. My boyfriend and his family have this little ritual where they squeeze each other's hand three times to signify 'I love you', four times as a return to signify 'I love you too'

I didn't know that he had told me he loved me in this secret family way until after we'd told each other with words how we felt. All that time he'd been telling me he loved me and I was never saying it back because I never knew - not to make a big deal out of it, not to get me to say it back, not because he wanted anything - but just because he wanted to tell me he loved me in his own special way.

When I found that out I think I realized that this was more than love. I don't know if this will mean anything to anyone but me but I think it's painfully romantic and it makes my heart hurt!


12. I came home from the bar with 3-4 drunken people at about 3am. This was her apartment and i had just moved in. We woke her up being drunk and rowdy. She came downstairs, made everyone some food and got beers. Took care of everyone 'til they sobered up or passed out. In the morning after everyone left she said to me. "DON'T YOU EVER BRING ALL THOSE GUYS IN MY HOUSE AT 3AM WITHOUT LETTING ME KNOW YOUR COMING SO I COULD HAVE CLEANED UP"


13. We'd been dating long-distance for a few months, and then one night he surprised me by popping over unexpectedly. I LEAPED out the door and attached myself to him. Hadn't really realized how much I needed him before that. He moved in right then, and it's been the best twelve years of my life since.


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