Smitten People Share The Moment They Knew They Were Dating A Keeper.

Smitten People Share The Moment They Knew They Were Dating A Keeper.


19. When I pooped her bed.

Was deathly sick, some kind of food poisoning, and had literally no control over anything. Woke up covered in poo, and just said 'oh my god' and ran to the bathroom. Came back, and everything was already cleaned up. Fresh sheets, mattress flipped, and she never did anything but make sure I was okay. She's comfortable enough to clean up my poo? Keeper.


20. She prefers pancakes while I prefer waffles. It was around midnight and I couldn't sleep so I snuck out to the store and bought a box of pancake mix to surprise her in the morning. I came back, got into bed and nodded off. At one point I felt her get up and heard her go into the bathroom, I passed back out. We were sitting down to eat breakfast that next morning when I pulled out the pancake mix and said, I know how much you like pancakes so I snuck out last night and got this. She smiled, walked to the freezer and pulled out a box of Eggos while saying, "I don't have a waffle iron, so I bought these last night."

That was the moment.


21. That she still smiles every time we kiss. Just like the first time, every time. Wouldn't trade it for anything.


22. When we had our talk about the future.

Me: "So, hon... I suppose we should talk about kids."

Her: "No babies."

Me: "Deal."

Marital bliss.


23. When I said, "I think I'm going to to play some Marvel vs Capcom 3 and then maybe run some dungeons in World of Warcraft" and she replied, "Not without me you aren't."

Our wedding is in March.


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