Smitten People Share The Moment They Knew They Were Dating A Keeper.

Smitten People Share The Moment They Knew They Were Dating A Keeper.


24. My mom died unexpectedly when I was 20. I'm 29 now and sometimes still have a really difficult time dealing with the emotions of losing her. One year right around her birthday, I was feeling pretty blue. I came home from work on her actual birthday and he was standing in the kitchen holding a cake he had baked, complete with a lit candle, and said."Just because she died doesn't mean we can't celebrate that she lived."

I just sobbed and he held me close until I had cried it out. Then we celebrated her life. Every year since then, he has bought her a birthday card and we light a candle to remember her. He's an amazing man.


25. It was my birthday. I came home from work and was going to shower and change because she had said that we had reservations at a nice restaurant. We didn't really have much money and I didn't really feel like going out, but my birthday gave us a good excuse to splurge a little, so I wasn't complaining. As I opened the door, she was standing there waiting for me. In her hands, she was holding a plate on which sat a BLT with a full pound of bacon on it. She directed me to the couch where she had a bourbon waiting for me. When we sat down to eat, she hit play on the DVD player and Fellowship of the Ring started playing. We finished our sandwiches and she turned to me with a slightly ashamed look and confessed, "I'm sorry but I don't have a cake for you."

"That's okay," I said. "This was already perfect."

She took our plates to the kitchen then returned to refill my bourbon. She went back in the kitchen and turned on the sink to wash the plates. 2 minutes later, she walks in the living room with a beautiful, homemade peach pie, birthday candles and absolute favorite dessert on the planet.

It seems so small, but to me, it was enormous. She knew me. She knew exactly how to make that day special for me. I remember looking at her that night and knowing, with total certainty, that I was going to marry that woman.


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