Spooked People Reveal Products That Work A Little Too Well.

Spooked People Reveal Products That Work A Little Too Well.


It's not often that product does exactly as advertised. It's even more rare that the product actually performs better than it's supposed to.

Here, spooked people reveal products that work a little too well.

1. Yeah, you really shouldn't use that on your car...

Those magic erasers. My cousin discovered that scrubbing his car down with one made it shinier than anything else he's tried. Unfortunately, he didn't realize they're actually fine sandpaper. He now has huge spots on his car with no paint on them.


2. Not worth it in the end.

Morphine. Had surgery a long time ago. Was on one of those automated machines that let's you self administer a dose every 30 min.

It was amazing. It was only a medical dose of course but that first shot I got in the recovery ward was like having liquid heaven injected. I was on it for 3 days, then I was on tablets after that for 2 days

The come down however was horrendous. I now feel sympathy for people in rehab for more addictive drugs like heroin. My body hurt all over.


3. Wikipedia is magic.

Wikipedia. Want to look up what's an India Pale Ale? Ended up learning about 7 different kinds of hops, the entire beer brewing process, the history of beer sterilization, British colonization of India, Gandhi, Ben Kingsley, Schindler's List, Nazi Germany, concentration camps, the Japanese Empire, human experimentation, ninjas, martial arts, Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon.

And then it's 3am. CRAP.


4. I just want to drink it!

I have a really nice tea thermos; infuser in the cap and everything. It has a nice color, is insulated so the tea doesn't burn your hands, everything you'd want in a portable tea container. Only one problem.

If you put hot tea in it, it stays undrinkably hot for about four hours (with the lid open, longer if it's closed). I have often times made tea at noon and started drinking it at 9pm.


5. But they are so ugly...

Crocs. They had trouble making money because they last forrrrrrrever.


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