Spooked People Reveal Products That Work A Little Too Well.

Spooked People Reveal Products That Work A Little Too Well.


6. The reason I'm always late for work.

The snooze button.


7. Reason why people didn't realize Trump was such a threat.


Seriously, with the amount of search customization and information tracking it gets your searches are too accurate for what you want. You will rarely ever get opposite view points or the other side of an argument, and that leads to a lot of polarization and bias.


8. You can't make me upgrade!

Windows XP SP3. It wasn't perfect, but it worked so well that it took Microsoft 7 years to get users to stop using it and buy a new version of Windows.


9. That's called an obsession...

Cast iron pan. Take care of it and it will last several lifetimes.

My girlfriend is obsessed with cast iron. She goes to 3-4 swap meets a week, looking for 'new' stuff. She built an "e-tank" that uses a car battery charger to strip carbon/filth off of old pans. No exaggeration, she has 100+ pieces of cast iron cookware at any given moment.


10. It's terrifying. How does it know??

Facebook facial recognition. When you upload a picture and it already knows who your friends in the photo are, it creeps me out a little.


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