Spooked People Reveal Products That Work A Little Too Well.

Spooked People Reveal Products That Work A Little Too Well.


16. Anyone can use it.

Duct tape. Fixes anything, can use it to build everything, easy to use.


17. Such a good service.

Spotify I have found bands with less than 1000 plays on their most popular song, yet Spotify still has them.

I have a pretty weird music taste, yet Spotify has never once disappointed.


18. At least you know your boundaries now, right?

An angle grinder with a cut off wheel. I used to own a bed frame, weight bench and a cast iron kettle bell, I now own scraps and a new understanding of why I don't allow myself personal power.


19. Good for you.

No name eyedrops! After I got high, I put them in and my eyes became whiter than when I'm normally sober. A little too suspicious for my liking...


20. You really don't need very much of it at all.

WD40. The door to my bathroom was squeaky so I sprayed a bit on the hinges to make it swing a bit smoother. Now it's too smooth and if I even lightly push the door while I rush to the bathroom it slams like I'm pissed off every time I go do my business.


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