Spooked People Reveal Products That Work A Little Too Well.

Spooked People Reveal Products That Work A Little Too Well.


21. Who needs to shower when you got this!

Dry shampoo spray. Once I discovered that I could just spray my hair instead of showering. I look clean. Just don't smell me.


22. Looks cool when used on clothes too.

Bleach. You always have to water it down to use it for anything. There once was a weird stain on our linoleum floor in the kitchen and no matter how hard I scrubbed it wouldn't go away. Poured some bleach on it and let it sit for 5 mins. That spot is now so clean that the rest of the clean floor looks dirty compared to that spot.


23. You probably not be using that on your body, then...

Nair. It literally ate the warts off my legs (reason for Nairing and not shaving). I had a wart on my leg and because I shaved over it one wart quickly turned into 100 warts and the doctor couldn't get rid of them. I stopped shaving and was Nairing and one night I was 2/3 of the way done when I ran out of Nair. Luckily I found an old bottle of Nair in the back of the bathroom closet and finished the job. By the time the 10 minute wait was up, I was in extreme discomfort and after I washed away the Nair I discovered my legs were bleeding. The next day I was flabbergasted to see what was left of the warts - they were gone, just white patches remained where the warts once were (I was tan). Turns out the old Nair was 15 years expired and it chemically burned the warts off my legs. Worked so good that I actually called Nair and told them this story, they sent me free coupons. I also told my Doctor, he wasn't too impressed.


24. You gotta spit that out quickly.

Mouth wash. If you keep it in your mouth for much longer than the recommended time you'll give yourself a chemical burn. No crap.


25. Doing it's job a little too well.

My mom and I put a dehumidifier in our bathroom. After about a week, we noted that it was still filling up, even though the bathroom was dry (story continued on the next page...).

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