Supervisors Reveal The Most Bizarre Reason They've Had To Fire Someone.

Supervisors Reveal The Most Bizarre Reason They've Had To Fire Someone.


There are a number of good reasons to fire someone, but sometimes, it's for something you never thought you would have to deal with.

Here, managers share the most bizarre circumstance in which they had to fire someone.

1. The Sandwich Isn't The Biggest Problem.

New-ish server was dealing with a complaint a customer had with their BLT. Rather than having me talk to the table he took a bite out of it and said, "I'm not seeing the problem."


2. We Called Him "Good Time" Charlie.

I had an employee apologize to two different tables for forgetting to put their food order in. They had been waiting like 45 minutes and nothing had been entered into the system. We looked at the camera system because he had been acting weird all day. After he wrote down their order, he proceeded to go outside and fire up a joint. He was apparently too high to remember to put in the order.

It was his first, and last day.


3. It's Not Soda.

Every day at lunch, she would drink roughly half of her soda, then take it with her to the bathroom to fill it back up with whiskey. She did a pretty good job covering up the smell, and since she did it from day 1 it wasn't immediately obvious that she was getting drunk.

Found out on day four, when she knocked her full cup over and we all got punched with the smell of booze in the afternoon.


4. Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed.

I was assistant manager at a restaurant for a while and one of the newer bussers had called in 3 times in his first two weeks. He called in on Saturday telling me he was deathly sick and couldn't even get out of bed (story continued on the next page...).

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