Blissful People Recount The Best Day Of Their Life.

Blissful People Recount The Best Day Of Their Life.


People on Reddit were asked: "What happened to you on the best day of your life?" These are some of the most inspirational answers.

1. Like music to my ears

Hearing the girl I liked accepting to be my girlfriend. It didn't work out but I still remember I was the happiest dude alive, on top of the world. Before that I was so self-conscious but knowing that someone liked me enough to want to spend time with me in a relationship made me the happiest man and in general just confident with myself. Thanks to that though the relationship didn't end well I don't worry about self-esteem issues anymore.


2. Now you're really part of the family

My [girlfriend] has a little boy from a previous relationship, and over the last year+ I've become his step dad in all but legality. I was over at their place, and after having a great day of playing at the play ground and reading, it was time for him to go to bed. He was all tucked in, and I was talking to him about what we would do tomorrow, when he sat up, wrapped his arms around my neck, squeezed hard, and said "I love you."

Yeah, I went and cried in the living room afterwards. Tears of joy, and love, and probably a bit of fear. But they were still good tears.


3. Just one look...

I was having a pretty [terrible] week at work. I don't usually stress at all, but on this particular evening I was feeling stressed. I get home and put the key into my front door and unlock it. The first thing I see is my oldest child (about 6 months old at the time) sitting on the floor of our living room. She turns and sees me, opens her mouth with the largest smile possible and gasps because she was so happy to see me. That one moment literally made everything bad that had ever happened to me completely leave my mind.


4. Oh, what a wonderful life it is

The best day actually happened just a couple of weeks ago. My three year old daughter walked over to me while I was sitting in my "Daddy's Chair". She asked if she could sit with me, so I picked her up and put her on my left side of my lap. Then my one year old boy didn't want to be left out and grunted for me to pick him up, so he went on the right side of my lap. After about 10 min my wife comes over and kisses me on the cheek and says, "you three look great together". It was at that moment, with both of my kids and my loving wife that I realized how wonderful life is. I would re-live that moment everyday of my life. It really is the small events in life that make it matter, until my son not 2 seconds later poops in his diaper and tells me, "Daddie, I stinky" and smiles at me...way to ruin the moment son!


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