Exhilarating Facts About The Final Wolverine Movie 'Logan'.

Exhilarating Facts About The Final Wolverine Movie 'Logan'.


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24. So long, farewell

This is the last film in which Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine. He has cited his age and his skin cancer as factors in him retiring from the role. He also said that having a discussion with Jerry Seinfeld played a part in retiring the character, as Jerry talked generally about how he wanted to make sure he never got to a point with his TV show where audiences were weary of seeing it anymore and basically saying "oh, it's you again", and Jackman felt he was fortunate to have avoided this for Wolverine and wanted to ensure it never happened.

23. This happens in almost every movie

When in the hotel elevator, on the button pad for the different floors, one can see that there is a level 12 and a level 14, but not level 13. As the number 13 has negative, unlucky connotations in many cultures, it is not uncommon to build hotels without a 13th floor.

22. The attention to detail is astounding

Logan's release date is set for March 3. Numerically, that is 3/3, which could be a reference of the titular superhero Wolverine's two sets of 3 claws.

21. Wolverine truly is invincible

This is the first X-Men film to reference the fact that Wolverine's healing factor also prevents him from dying of adamantium poisoning.

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