Fascinating Facts About Japanese Culture.

Fascinating Facts About Japanese Culture.


1. It is widely accepted that one of the go-to Christmas dinners in Japan is KFC. They reserve their orders months in advance to guarantee their dishes.

2. Having a traditional Christian "white wedding" (in a church with a priest, white wedding dress with veil, wedding rings etc.) is very fashionable, even if you aren't remotely Christian.

In the 70s, a Japanese pop star was married in Hawaii where the whole Christian ceremony was televised on national television, and now it's extremely popular in Japan. Foreigners can be paid good money to officiate weddings, even if they aren't licensed ministers. Just being white or non-Japanese, and being able to speak english adds to the authenticity of the whole thing.

3. Japanese people are so polite and bowing is such a large part of their culture that they have a phenomenon of the "bow off", where 2 people bowing to each other do not want to be the last to bow for fear of being rude and just shallow out their bows until they're free. On top of that, there are many intricacies with regard to their act of bowing which seem arbitrary to us who are not familiar with their culture but every little detail, from how straight your back is to the degree of your bow, conveys different meaning to the other person.

4. The Japanese have a word, Karoshi, which translates to "death from overworking". Their culture places such a high emphasis on working hard that people have quite literally died from working too hard.

5. When a Japanese points at himself, he points with his index finger right at the tip of his nose. In most other countries I've been to, people point at their heart with the palm of their hand to refer to themselves

6. It's frowned upon to eat while walking.

7. The Satsugū dialect (spoken in the southern tip of the southernmost of the four main Japanese Islands, Kyūshū), although being replaced by standard Japanese, was so unintelligible, it was used by the Japanese in WWII like the U.S. used Navajo code talkers.

8. Japan has the world's oldest hotel, founded in 705 CE.

9. Japan is obsessed with vending machines! But these aren't your garden-variety chip and pop vending machines. They offer many goods, including beer, Pringles, raw eggs, fried chicken, and even (Continued)

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