Grateful People Reveal The Best Moment Of Their Lives.

Grateful People Reveal The Best Moment Of Their Lives.


Taking off your bra after a long day of work. Holding hands with someone you love. Seeing a sunset in colour for the first time. These are just a few of life's little joys that we are shown from time to time; they remind us of the goodness all around us and fill us with inspiration, hope, and laughter.

People on Reddit were asked: "What was your greatest feeling?" These are some of the best answers.

1. Knowing everything will be ok

When I was 16-weeks pregnant, I fell down the stairs. It's actually the safest time in a pregnancy to have a fall (at the beginning), but once I saw bleeding, I had a feeling of absolute terror.

My husband drove me to my midwife, and sitting in the waiting room, watching all of the happily pregnant people around me was absolutely awful.

The ultrasound tech set us up in the room, turned on the monitor, and within three seconds, turned the screen to us and said, "Here's your baby. Here's the heartbeat. Here's the perfect placenta. And if you want to know the sex, I can tell you that, too."

Seeing my son up on that screen, wiggling around in his happy little womb was the best feeling I've ever had. I thought, for sure, I'd lost him, or at least had a placental abruption that would have required a delivery that he surely would not have survived.

He's 4-months-old now.


2. Finishing what you start

I was writing a program in college for an AI class, the program was over 14000 lines of code, and it compiled without error the first time and furthermore ran flawlessly without any need to debug. I was so happy that I fell to my knees and cried a little.


3. The end of hard work and determination

I'm only 17 so I haven't had much experiences like that but the best feeling for me was when I drove my awesome car for the first time by myself that I had to work 3 hard years prior to getting.


4. Being saved by someone who loves you

When I was 6 years old I was canoeing with my Mom and Dad on the Buffalo River in Arkansas. We were making our way through a series of small rapid with the canoe hit a small boulder and capsized.

I went under water but was wearing a life jacket so I quickly popped to the surface. The only problem was that I popped up underneath the still capsized canoe. I remember coming up into complete darkness. I was panicked and for a second thought I might be dead and in some sort of dark afterlife place.

A few moments later (seemed like forever) my Dad flips the canoe back over and there I am, looking up at him with a big wet smile. He grabbed my up and gave me the biggest hug I've ever had.

I'm sure the panic I felt was minor compared to the panic my parents were experiencing during the small amount of time they couldn't find me. But the feeling of relief and happiness whenever he flipped that canoe over is indescribable, for me and I'm sure for my parents also.


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