Job Applicants Explain Why They Walked Out Of An Interview Before It Was Over.

Job Applicants Explain Why They Walked Out Of An Interview Before It Was Over.


From "casting call" for a restaurant server position, to the interviewer being incredibly late, job applicants reveal why they walked out in the middle of an interview. 

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1. Not living in a fantasy world

They flat out lied to me about what I was interviewing for. I was told it was for a technician trainee position but it was really for an unpaid internship that had 12 hour days and a mandatory 6 month period before I could move on to a paid job (which would have started out at $11/hr.)

When I was told, I just told him it wasn't worth my time and got up to walk out. He got all mad and said "Son, you have to show your worth first" and I just said "Sir, I have bills to pay and as much as I'd like to conform to your wishes so that I could have a career, I dont live in a fantasy world where I can just focus on work."

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2. Too late!

I walked out of an interview before it began once. The interview was scheduled for 10am, which I double-checked from the voicemail that they left. I showed up about ten minutes early, signed in, all that jazz... and waited. and waited. and waited.

45 minutes later I got up, asked the receptionist (who looked seriously embarrassed) to let my interviewer know I was no longer interested, and left.

Two hours later I got a rude call asking if I had forgotten the appointment. I laughed and hung up.


3. An honest answer

I went into the interview with my prospective supervisor. I looked around the office and noticed that the garbage cans were full, the walls and carpet dirty and the supervisor's desk was old and had chips out of it. So I mentioned that the company didn't seem to be doing any basic upkeep and then asked point blank "Is this a good company to work for?" She replied no and hung her head. I said "thanks" and walked out.


4. Dream job!

I had placed my resume on a few job sites and accidentally left my resume open to the public (you should not do that). I had gotten a call for an interview for an insurance thing. I was young and lacked common sense so I excitedly went. When I got there, there was about 20 other people waiting to be interviewed. Turned out to be a "group interview" where some handsome bleached teeth dude talked about how great the job was where we could set our own hours and make as much money we wanted!!! All we had to do was pay a lot of money for their special training and riches beyond our wildest dreams would come of it.

Somehow the stupid slapped me in the face and I got up from my chair and started to walk out. The con man asked me where I was going, and I calmly said, "this is a scam, and I advise others to walk out too..."

2 others left with me.


5. Illegal question

The man interviewing me asked me if I was planning on getting married in the near future, and if so, would I think of having children immediately.

A male acquaintance of mine was up for the same job. Obviously, he never got asked that. Sure, men don't leave work when their wives are pregnant, but even so.

Pretty sure that's illegal in some countries, right?


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