Kids Confess Their Biggest 'My Parents Were Right' Moment.

Kids Confess Their Biggest 'My Parents Were Right' Moment.


We all like to believe that we know best: we know what's right for us in each moment. Sure we can take the advice of our parents and peers but in a sense that means admitting weakness, so often we just barrel through without them and hope for the best. But someday in the future we may be sitting around thinking, "Damn, should've listened while I had the chance."

People on Reddit were asked: "What was your biggest 'My parents were right' moment?" These are some of the best answers.

1. Focus on the bigger picture

My parents were always frugal and my cousins always got showered with video game consoles and gifts. I always thought it was unfair and often complained to my parents. Patiently they would say, that's not how we're doing it, we're going to save our money.

Fast forward 15 years and my cousins are in massive debt and my brother and I aren't, having learned how to save money. But at the time though it was totally unfair.


2. Just go with the flow

I read a bunch of self help books that told me not to stress out over little things, to let stuff go, and to forgive people and situations.

I realized my mother has been saying this stuff my whole life, and that I was just stubborn and never listened. She's a cleaning lady and custodian. Hearing her tell me to be at peace with life means infinitely more to me than it ever did reading it out of any book.


3. New underwear is the jackpot

I am so excited for my socks that should be arriving today.

My mother always told me I'd be grateful for gifts of clothes. I never believed her.


4. Hard work can have great rewards

A phrase my mom always said to cheer me up while stressed in university: "If it was easy everybody would do it." Sounded so stupid at the time but I've used the same line to cheer up countless friends who were stressed with exams, etc. Mom is always right.


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