Little Known Historical Events That Are Hilarious!

Little Known Historical Events That Are Hilarious!


The little known stories in history are sometimes the most interesting and downright hilarious!

Below are 24 historical events that are, for one reason or another, interesting or funny as heck. Check them out! A source to even more can be found on the last page.

Class act here.

In 1821 Greece was under control by the Turks. In Greece's fight for independence a Turkish garrison was besieged by Greek fighters on the Acropolis. When the Turks were running short on bullets they began to dismantle the marble columns to use the lead within as bullets. The Greeks sent them ammunition with the message: "Here are bullets, don't touch the columns".


Another emu victory.

The Great Emu War. The day the Australian infantry took on 20,000 wild emus in an attempt to protect farmlands.

The best part: It was declared an emu victory.


Ain't that some luck!

At one point in time there were only two cars registered in the entire state of Ohio, and they crashed into each other.


Ol' dirty Ben!

In the late 1700's, a letter appeared in the major London newspaper complaining that England was being forced to take deported French prisoners. The British were furious and wanted it stopped. The French became upset - because the uproar implied that England was too good for French prisoners. Both governments became involved, and they were on the brink of war before it all unraveled as a hoax. The original letter, it was learned years later, had been written by Benjamin Franklin - who was spending 6 months in England as an ambassador - and was simply bored. Just stirring up trouble and sitting back and watching.


So mean!

During the opium war, the Chinese set monkeys on fire and launched them at British ships in an attempt to cause chaos.


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