People Share Their Grandparents' Love Stories. Adorable!

People Share Their Grandparents' Love Stories. Adorable!


People on Buzzfeed were asked: "What's your grandparents' sweetest love story?" These are some of the most adorable answers.

Everyone knows a joker like this

One year on his tax forms, my grandfather under "marital status" checked "other" and wrote in "I fell in love all over again." I think it was more to mess with the IRS than to do something sweet for my grandmother, but two birds I guess.


Smooth, sir, smooth

When my grandparents were in college, my grandma stole a "physicians parking spot" sign from a parking lot on campus. Someone turned her in and she was given a fine. She couldn't pay the fine, so some stranger paid it for her. That stranger was my grandpa. They've been married over 50 years. Although no one will confirm it, I have a hunch my grandpa turned her in so he could pay her fine and ask her out.


I've thought of doing something like this

My Tata went into the hospital for surgery about 6 years ago for something common. During the surgery, they found an aggressive tumor and ended up with a life estimate of six months which soon changed to two weeks. During which, my grandma never left his side, she would just sleep on the couch by him. 

When he passed away, my aunts went through his things and found a greeting card tucked away into his hospital things. It was a Mother's Day card. Apparently, sometime during his stay, he snuck downstairs into the gift shop to get my Grandma a card since he had never missed one and knew she would be missing him when the date came up a few weeks after his death. It was simple and beautiful and it's one of my favorite memories of him and his love for her.


Now that's committment

When my grandfather's health started deteriorating, it started with a small series of strokes. My mom and I drove up to be with my grandmother while he was in the hospital. That night, my grandmother asked me to sleep with her, which weirded me out at first, which must have showed on my face. She followed that up with the 50 years they'd been married they've never slept apart.


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