Telltale Signs That Someone Should Not Be Trusted.

Telltale Signs That Someone Should Not Be Trusted.


Trusting people and building valuable relationship based on it, is difficult to do. For some, untrustworthy people are easy to point out. All you have to do is look for the signs. 

In this article, people share telltale signs that someone shouldn't be trusted.

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1. Acknowledge humanity

If they treat people in a service position poorly. And not under duress or a weird life circumstance, I get that things happen and people get upset. But as a matter of course they're just jerks to people they deem "lesser" because they are being served by them and they think that sort of uncouth behavior is appropriate.

I once was out with a new group of friends and someone laughed at me for thanking our server for re-filling my diet coke. "That's their job!" they insisted, like showing appreciation for the service you get is a hassle. It takes two seconds to thank someone in a kind tone and smile at them. It takes two seconds to acknowledge someone else's humanity. The idea of money erasing your obligation to behave with basic decency is so gross.


2. Telling secrets

When you've just met them and they start telling you a secret about someone we both know.


3. Blaming others

He/she blames other people for all of their problems.

People like that will do terrible things and see nothing wrong with it, because it's someone else's fault they did it. They're angels and everyone else leads them to do bad things.


4. Just trust me blindly

1) Forced teaming. If someone starts throwing around "we" this and "us" that without knowing you well, it might be a sign that they're using a manipulation tactic called forced teaming to create the illusion of a bond that doesn't exist.

2) Premature justification. If someone is trying to convince you of something that you wouldn't expect them to have done anyways, be suspicious. ("Don't worry honey, I would never cheat," when it comes out of the blue. Or, "Trust me, I've never stolen from anyone.")


5. The phone situation

In dating context, when your significant other always has their phone on them around you, but never seems to answer when they aren't with you.


6. Handy explanation for everything

They have a handy excuse or explanation for everything. Usually this means they're pretty good at lying, or at the very least they won't own up to mistakes.


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