The Most Screwed Up Things About Society That Nobody Seems To Care About.

The Most Screwed Up Things About Society That Nobody Seems To Care About.


I'm sure we've all thought about the odd things society sweeps under the rug and has placed the 'taboo' label on. And you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder about it neither. 

The following Ask Redditors shared their thoughts, responding to the question, "What is the most messed up thing society accepts as normal?"

Curious of other responses. You can find the original thread at the end of the article. 

1. Horrific Child Welfare System

We take kids from their parents (which is usually the most prudent choice) then underfund their upbringing in foster care, bouncing them from home to home, from school to school, then boot them into the world at 18 and expect their lives to be just fine. 

A huge percentage of foster children end up on the street, in jail, or in mental health facilities. All because the state and their legal guardian has taken abysmal care of them. The U.S has the absolute worst child welfare record in the developed world and nobody really seems to care.

It's wholly and entirely unacceptable.


2. The Amount Of Space In Between Public Restroom Stall Doors

It makes no sense. The college I go to has one restroom where there are like, full separate rooms instead of stalls (still as small as stalls, but you know they have a door and walls and no gaps in them) and it's fantastic. I don't have to worry about people hearing me or seeing me through gaps or anything. Very relaxing.


3. Restaurants Wasting Food

The staggering amount of untouched, perfectly good food that restaurants and grocery stores throw away at the end of the day.

Meanwhile there are people in the same cities that are starving or feel forced to dumpster dive for a meal.


4. ​Civic Forfeiture

Got some cash on you when the police stop you? If they suspect (not can prove) that it came from illegal activity, they can take it and the burden of proof is on you to show that it's rightfully yours. Don't have any cash? They can take your car, boat, house, etc instead.



5. Mental Health Stigmas

That mental health problems are treated as shameful when physical health problems are treated with empathy and respect.

Only because people associate physical health issues as something that happens to people and mental health issues as something the person is.

terrafiber321 & auaisito

6. ​Making An 'Example' Out Of People

Authority figures do this all the time to keep their employees, citizens, students etc in line. 

It's a blatant abuse of power to punish someone more severely without warning just to scare people.

Everyone accepts it like it's somehow normal but it isn't.


7. People Being Jerks Without Their Daily Fix Of Coffee

I work in an office setting and one of my responsibilities is making sure there is always coffee between 8am and noon, or my coworkers tend to get pretty prickly.

How weird is it that part of my job is to essentially supply drugs for my coworkers?


8. "It's My Opinion, So You Have To Accept It."

I'm pretty sure you can call someone on their b.s without degrading them as a human being. No reason to accept garbage thinking.

By "garbage thinking", I mean sloppy reasoning that leaves no room for discussion, not any one particular point of view or idea and I do believe it isn't justified to dismiss a point of view as "garbage" without at least considering the reasons behind it

We're all entitled to be included in discussions, but that doesn't mean we get to say whatever we want, label it as "opinion" and not have it questioned.


9. Just In Case 'Big Brother' Is Watching

The government spying on it's own citizens that aren't even suspected of a committing a crime.

A friend and I named our "imaginary spies". We have a fun tradition of saying hello to them and wishing their family well. 

We both know though, that if we were being listened to, that person has to be both bored as hell and often traumatized as we frequently discuss our periods and decorating the house.


10. The Criminal Plea System

When you get arrested for a crime you have 2 options. 

You can plead guilty and get the appropriate sentence for the crime you committed.

Or, exercise your "right" to trial, and then if you're found guilty, you get a far, far worse sentence than if you had pled. 

Unsurprisingly more than 95% of defendants plead.



11. ​Willful Ignorance

The idea that because you're uneducated you don't have to be concerned with facts. Facts are facts, they don't give a crap about your opinion.

Speaking of opinion, the idea that someone's opinion matters and/or somehow has an impact on the facts. It doesn't matter if you think the sky is red or purple and polka-dotted and the fact that you got 30 other people to agree with you just means there's 31 people who all believe the same nonsense.

It doesn't open up the fact that under normal circumstances the sky is blue but during varying atmospheric conditions can range between blue to shades of red-orange or even green-yellow. But yet and still, the sky is most certainly never not purple polka-dotted to debate.


12. The Class System Of Workers In America

We are supposed to look down on people who clean up garbage but look up to people who create garbage.

The class system of workers in America is odd. 

Skilled trades people who make a lot of money, doing a needed service are looked at as being less worthy than a college educated barista.


13. For Profit Prisons

I understand the need to incarcerate criminals, and hopefully rehabilitate them where possible, but a corporation getting paid to make as much money off of housing these people is just insane. 

Logically this will have to lead to worse living conditions, less guards supervising the inmates, and more civil rights violations as the corporation does what it is intended to do and make as much money while charging the customer (the county, state or federal government) the least amount possible.

This is one area that government should be in charge of and not relegate to the lowest bidder.


14. The Overpriced Schooling System And Underpaid Teachers

Paying teachers garbage because we don't understand the value of proper education for new generations.

To go even further, the price of education in America is also ridiculous.

People treat it like a luxury and don't realize that education isn't so much for personal gain as much as guaranteeing a better society for all.

ajn97 & boogerscotch

15. Corporate Welfare

Of course food stamps are killing the country, healthcare is communism, but Walmart really needs a billion dollar subsidy to produce their products in overseas factories and take jobs away from Americans.


16. The Cost Of Medical Treatments

Letting people die to treatable medical conditions because they can't afford it.

Also ruining peoples lives, when they do manage to survive, via massive debt from medical treatments.


17. The Normalization Of Suicide

It's the fastest growing cause of death for 15-25 year olds and we're slowly beginning to, perhaps accept it as okay but to see it as normal. 

A kid committed suicide at my friend's school and when I offered to talk to them about it they just said, "No, I'll be fine, this stuff happens."


18. Animal Cruelty On All Fronts

Keeping animals in tiny cages and failing to properly take care of them.

I work in a pet shop and the majority of people come to us having done no research at all and wanting the animal more as "decoration" or a talking point. Rather than realizing animals ARE LIVING CREATURES that will need plenty of care and (some) can live DECADES if they are well taken care. 

Fish can't go in bowls, birds need to fly, and the hamster will bite you if you grab it like that.

Animal cruelty in general makes me dislike humans. 


19. Celebrity Worship

Some people seem to care more about the lives of people we will never meet than the people they live next door to.

I feel bad for the celebs too. Some just want to enjoy acting as a job but they can't switch off because people are obsessed with their personal lives.

drblah1 & apple_kicks

20. Sexualizing Young Women

In some cases this sexualization happens before these young women are even born.

My wife is due to have a daughter in a few weeks and as soon as we found out it was girl I got a tidal wave of comments about how I had to now get a gun to fight off all the men who'd want to have sex with her, or how, "you don't have to worry about the one penis (if it'd been a boy), now you have to worry about every other penises" and a whole list of messed up stuff like that.

Can my daughter at least draw breath before we talk about someone trying to sleep with her.


21. The Way Society Handles Illicit Drugs

We've created super drugs that feel amazing, pharmaceutical

companies paid a ton of money to push these drugs into the public.

Once the backlash hit, they pulled these drugs.

These drugs are now made illegally and distributed to those that are addicted from companies literally paying doctors to over-prescribe this drug.

Now we have a drug epidemic.

What do we do? Make it illegal to posses. If found with drugs on you, you'll be put in jail for absurd amounts of time.

Then, rather than rehabilitate these addicts, we deprive them of any chance to interact with society again once they're released.

We push them on to the streets and expect them to contribute to society and then act as though they're scum when they fall back into old habits because it's now all they know and all that they can hope to achieve.

Then we mock addicts and treat them as filth instead of human beings. Sure there's treatment facilities but the likelihood of getting into one that can actually help if you don't happen to have a insane pile of cash in your yard is extremely low.

Now, we start the cycle again by pushing drugs with a similar, lighter effect. Once the backlash hits we stop prescribing. Too late, these people are addicts now, too. If they can't get their fix from their doctor anymore, they'll get it elsewhere.

Then we wonder how so many people are dying of fentanyl overdoses from a bad batch of heroin.

The cycle is really just disgusting.


22. Backwards Legal Age

That a person can decide to join the military and possibly go overseas, kill others, and be killed before they can legally buy alcohol or cigarettes.


23. Bank Fees

The fact that your financial institution charges you money, to have your money, is absurd. 

They make investments with the money you already put into your accounts while paying you minimal interest, all while posting record breaking billion dollar profits. Yet they somehow also have the audacity to charge you a fee for the luxury of having you give them your money to play with.



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