This Kid Played A Round Of Golf With President Trump. Here's His (Amazing) Story.

This Kid Played A Round Of Golf With President Trump. Here's His (Amazing) Story.


Before President Trump got himself elected, he was a real estate mogul with a special place in his heart for golf courses. It was on one of Trump's own courses where a competitive young golfer named Adam Levin encountered the future president, and played a pretty telling round with the billionaire.

Here is Adam Levin's story in his own words.

My family were members at the Trump National golf course in Briarcliff Manor, NY. I had just turned 14 years old and was playing in my first club championship. Trump always played in the club championship. He had previously won at least one year. He was considered to be a pretty good player but everyone knew he exaggerated how good he was.

There were caddies at the club and my family and I got along well with them. They often used to tell us that Donald's caddy would always cheat for him - fix his lies, count his score better than it was, etc.

I was a pretty good player and pretty into golf, so I wanted to win. I was matched up with Trump in the first round. We played 18 holes together in match play (meaning each hole counts as a point).

We were going back and forth on the front nine, and after nine holes we were tied. Then on the 10th hole I hooked it into a hazard and while I was inspecting the ground, I touched the grass which is a penalty. Donald Trump called the penalty. I think his caddy must've been watching because there's no way he'd have been watching that closely. The penalty was loss of that hole. So I was 1 down with 8 to play.

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On the 11th hole, I was in front of the green after two shots. My ball mark was in between my ball and the hole so I patted the mark down with my putter. That's against the rules because I wasn't on the green. He called another penalty on me. Another hole lost because of penalty. 2 down with 7 to play.

He beat me on the 12th and 13th holes. Now I'm 4 down with 5 to play. We had not been talking much during the match up to this point, just quietly competing. Then on the 14th tee, while we were waiting to tee off, he broke the silence and said aloud to the 15 or 20 people within the vicinity: "The kid put up a good fight, didn't he?"

I just didn't respond. The competitor in me knew that it wasn't over until it was over. He knew that as well but he just couldn't pass up the opportunity to boast. We tied the 14th hole. I was 4 down with 4 to play. I had to win all of the last 4 holes to tie him after 18 holes and send the match to extra holes.

He hit the ball in the water on 15. I won. On sixteen, he played a poor hole and I won again. I won both 17 and 18, not playing spectacularly. He pretty much had a meltdown. We went to a sudden death playoff. We tied the first extra hole. Then on the second extra hole I played the hole well and he played it awfully and so I won.

He was so embarrassed that he didn't congratulate me or say anything. He shook my hand without making eye contact. It was definitely the talk of the club for a while.

Thanks to Adam for sharing this story on Quora!

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