We Love These Photos of People Recreating Childhood Memories 20 Years Later.

We Love These Photos of People Recreating Childhood Memories 20 Years Later.


In the past few years, a strange but wonderful viral trend has emerged: adults staging recreations of their own wrinkled photos from their childhood.

The trend was started back in 2010 by Argentinian photographer Irina Werning, who created the Back To The Future project as an experiment in nostalgia, placing her subjects in the exact same environment and the same clothing as their favorite childhood image. Since then, as you'll see below, many people have taken her lead and created the photos for themselves. So cool! 

1. Still ready for school, 20 years later!

2. Dads never get a break, do they?

3. Two brothers and their cousins... still complaining about having to take a bath, I'm sure.

4. They say vampires never age, but this one did.

5. I like to imagine they've been buried in sand this whole time.

6. A father and his son... 60 YEARS APART. My heart is melting.

7. You've got a little something on your face.

8. His lap might be just a little sore after the second one.

9. Twenty years later, still thinking inside the box.

10. Dad looks a little exhausted in the second one... twenty years with four kids will do that to you!

11. Still sassy!

12. The first one is at the Berlin Wall. The second one is twenty years later.... where the Berlin Wall used to be. Pretty awesome.

13. Same dog...? I'm afraid to ask.

14. Eating pizza and burgers wearing denim shirts? Doing childhood right.

15. She was stylish by age 5.

16. Still yelling "are we there yet?" from the backseat.

17. They got bigger and hairier... both of them.

18. And some things stay tiny and adorable.

19. Her skin got a lot more decorative.

20. "Hello, operator? I'd like to report a string of adorable baby photos."

21. Still a wiseguy.

22. This guy is SO ready for school.

23. Is that Tony Hawk??

24. Can you spot the difference?

25. Seems like a nice guy.

26. The boots fit better now.

27. The tables have turned!

28. Everyone's favorite childhood pastime.

29. Together for 50 years... and they even kept the car.

30. Still the coolest mom ever.

31. The longest staring contest of all time.

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