30 Men And Women Share Something Their Spouse Hid From Them Until After They Got Married.

30 Men And Women Share Something Their Spouse Hid From Them Until After They Got Married.


You think you know someone...until you don't. Here, 30 married men and women share something their spouse hid from them until after they got married.

1/30. My ex wife neglected to mention she was a lesbian until after we were married.

Kind of a deal breaker.


2/30. I used to be married. That's no longer the case, so it goes.

Anyways, I was getting dinosaur stuff for our boy, and his mother said something along the lines of "I don't like dinosaurs and am happy they are not real."

I chuckled, thinking she meant she is relieved her life is not like Jurassic Park, being chased by these giant predators. Nope. Turned out she believes dinosaurs never walked this earth. I had known her for 6 solid years, and this completely blew me away, side swiping me with horror....

She thinks people are guessing when the put partial bones together, and just fabricate these creatures...

I'm still affected by this- even years later. When I go on dates, there is a litmus test now. I ask what her stance stance is on dinosaurs every first date. Not making that mistake again.


3/30. When my grandparents got married, my grandmother was 24 and she thought my grandfather was 25. It was during their honeymoon that he confessed that he was only 19. Gran was annoyed, obviously, but I think she was too relieved to be married to stay mad at him; 24 was getting close to being left on the shelf for an Irish-Catholic woman in the 60s.


4/30. Three time felon looking to get married then divorced so she could get paid.

Divorced and broke now.


5/30. Well my grandpa's real name was Upton and he thought it was really weird so when he met my grandma he told her his name was James. Three weeks later (yes they got married after three weeks of knowing each other, the story is actually adorable) the priest asked my grandma if she takes Upton to be her husband.

This resulted in my grandma yelling in front of the entire church, "Who the hell is Upton?!" And then, realizing my grandpa had lied to her because he thought his name was weird, she goes, "Oh Lord yes I do to take this stupid man as my husband." They were married 65 years with three boys, the oldest of which was named James. I never saw a couple more in love or meant for each other than my grandparents, God rest their souls.


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