Teachers Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Said Or Done In Class.

Teachers Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Said Or Done In Class.


9. I'm a PE teacher at an elementary school. We were in the middle of a gymnastics unit and I was demonstrating a forward roll for a 3rd grade class. When I flipped, I saw something pink fly out of my pants leg....it was a pair of my daughters underwear that must have clung to the inside of my pants when I got them out of the dryer. I picked them up before any of them really noticed exactly what they were.


10. Teacher had a smartboard. Was teaching lesson, finished, sat down. Forgot his computer was still hooked up and went to his email, opened a chat, and began to ask whoever it was for ' another hole picture.'

He got fired two years later for something else.


11. Not so much embarrassing as confusing and concerning, but while I was student teaching last semester I was on the sidelines as the students were doing a quiz or something and accidentally said the 'f-word' under my breath. A student who was walking by heard me so I started apologizing profusely, to which they responded "That's okay. That's not even the worst thing I've heard you say." I have no idea what I said and they would not give me any other details. I still think about it sometimes.


12. This one's my mom's story. She has a lot of allergies, so for a while she was using a neti pot every morning (one of those new agey things where you rinse your sinuses with salt water). One day during her first period class, I think sophomore Spanish, a kid asks for help with a worksheet. So my mom walks over to his desk, bends over... and water pours out of her nose all over his paper, ruining the sheet. I guess you have to tip your head just right to get all the water out. She hasn't done the neti pot since then.


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