Teachers Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Said Or Done In Class.

Teachers Share The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Said Or Done In Class.


18. Something somewhat similar, but incredibly smoothly handled happened during the first lecture on economics at University.

Prof stood on the little stage thing in the huge 1500 ppl. auditorium. All went well, but after like half the class there is a large popup on his presentation, some kind of apple play or bluetooth pairing thingy, that says:

"Bombshell69 wants to connect"

Many people start laughing.

Prof looks bewildered for a second, hits decline, disables something in the settings, then looks up, smiles, and says "maybe we should connect after the lecture...."

Brief academic applause from the whole room follows.


19. The most embarrassing thing I said was during student teaching. I used to have a terrible habit of blurting out the same response to certain questions/statements. Things like "YOU'RE dumb" in response to "that's dumb,". But I kept it in check while I was in school.

Except this time. One day a kid asked me where my jacket was and I said what I always said when someone asked me where something was- "I sold it for drug money." I felt like an idiot as soon as it came out of my mouth.


20. First day of school, in my first year teaching, I was sitting on a desk and going over the syllabus. The desk tipped out from under me, resulting in me falling off. I teach high school theater and since it was the first day of class, the kids were dead silent. So I said, "guys.. Laugh! That was hysterical!" and they burst into laughter. What a way to break the ice.


21. Was reading a story about the Victorian era where the word "corset" was used. Kids didn't know what that was, so I trotted over to the LED projector hooked to my laptop and googled "corset."

Yeah my mind was in the Victorian era, but Google was in Victoria's Secret. All those images--many of them with full nips showing--just got blown up across the wall of my classroom. And that's when the principal walked in for my quarterly evaluation.


22. Don't remember exactly why, but I had to get a little stern with my class about timeliness. To drive my point home I finished my rant with "the clock is right there" while pointing at the clock on the back wall.

For reasons I'm still not sure of, my tongue just went paralyzed for a split second and it just decided to not pronounce the "L" in clock.... didn't have a whole lot of control of the class for the rest of the day.


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