Terrified People Share The Creepiest Thing That Happened To Them While In The Middle Of Nowhere.

Terrified People Share The Creepiest Thing That Happened To Them While In The Middle Of Nowhere.


A lot of people take to the woods to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but out in the wilderness, you never know what you might find...

Here are ten of the creepiest things that have happened to people while in the middle of nowhere.

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1/10. Happened in High School. I was at a summer camp that separated boys from the girls. We would normally sleep in separate cabins, however this being a nice night, our counsellors decided it would be nice to camp outside.

Being overly testosteroned high schoolers given new freedom of the outdoors, we decided to separate from our supervision and bee line for the girls camp site. Upon successfully reaching their site and being dumbfounded at what to do, we decided that throwing miscellaneous items into the fire, creating subsequent explosions would be a good ice breaker. Unfortunately due to our brilliance we were quickly brought back to our camp and separated from the girls.

Not being discouraged we decided to regroup and try again. As we began to leave for their site again we heard an extremely loud bang, as if from a high caliber rifle. The sound was followed by another bang. Followed by silence. We all became paralyzed unsure what to do. Was it from the girls site? We were too afraid to find out. We could see a flash light in the distance mulling around the area. I only remember lying quietly, barely able to sleep, joking with fellow campers who would get shot first if that bang was indeed from a gun.

The next morning we woke up, alive and very confused to what had happened. I actually only found out what had happened when I got home from camp. A man had shot his ex at a house right by the camp site we were staying that night. What stood out to me the most, other than aforementioned, was an interview with a neighbour who didn't call the police right away, because she figured the sound was from some stupid kids blowing up things at a camp site.


2/10. So this happened 3 years ago when I was living with my parents in Meeteetse, Wyoming. Super small and secluded. It was Halloween and my parents decorated the house and we expected about 3-4 kids to show up as the house is about a mile from a subdivision and parents usually drive their kids.

At 8 I took in the chair with candy because I figured no one else would be coming around. I'm in the basement where there are no windows and very little sound can get out and it's about 11. All the lights upstairs are shut off because I'm going to bed.

I hear a knock at the side door (which no one ever knocks at). I go upstairs and the flood light which usually turns on automatically wasn't on. So I flipped on the other light that lights up the basketball hoop area. There's a person in one of those "old man" masks that have the crazy hair just standing there. He is just looking at the house. (continued...)

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