The Fearless Cartoonist That Stood Up To Hitler.

The Fearless Cartoonist That Stood Up To Hitler.


Cartoons are a multipurpose medium – they are a way to target a variety of audiences easily and accessibly. In certain cases, the lighthearted and approachable nature of a cartoon is the perfect vehicle to reveal dark truths about the world around us.

Cartoonist David Low understood this.

David Low was born in New Zealand, where his prowess as a cartoonist quickly earned him an offer to move to Great Britain and work for a British paper in 1919.

Low didn't take much time before making a splash. His cartoons often featured fascist dictators, undermining their powerful propaganda and exposing their hypocrisy.

When he first started, Hitler was his favorite target.

No one was safe from Low's exacting depictions. He even criticized other democratic leaders for not being harsh enough on the rising tide of fascism.

The cartoons started gaining so much notoriety that the German government issued an official complaint to the British government.

Here was Low's response:

Following World War II, it was discovered that Low's name was listed in the Nazi's infamous "Black Book" of people who were to be arrested if Germany was to take over Great Britain.

Low continued to produce work after World War II, focusing on his new target: Joseph Stalin.

Low's unwavering and fearless commitment to the exposure of truth through humor eventually earned him knighthood in 1962.

Thank you, David Low.

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