The Most Heroic And Badass Things Parents Have Done, As Shared By Grateful Children.

The Most Heroic And Badass Things Parents Have Done, As Shared By Grateful Children.


Parents deserve a lot of credit. They take care of and provide for us, and they also happen to be pretty badass. Here, 22 people share the most heroic and badass thing their mom or dad has ever done.

1/22. My dad ate an actual spider to prove to my little sister that they are harmless.


2/22. My mother and her pal were coming home from shopping for groceries, with my four-year-old brother toddling along, and me in a stroller. My brother started to whine, so mom leaned down to pick him up – at the same time, a nearby doorway opened and a group of young men, inebriated or high, spilled out. They were quite loud and so mom began to try to steer the stroller aside. One of them suddenly rushed forward and grabbed the stroller, tearing it out of my mom’s hand, hollering, "MY BABY NOW!”

At this point, they all guffawed, and then shoved my mother and her friend aside, running down the street with the stroller at full sprint, me howling inside of it. My mother, shocked, pushed my brother into her friend’s arms, and set off in high pursuit. First trying to call out for them to give me back, and when that didn’t work, trying to stop them by pulling on their arms. They’d reached a mildly trafficked road at this point, and even if they weren’t intending to actually steal the baby, they were at considerable risk of veering into traffic with me.

Now, my mom is a tiny little thing. Skinny and small, cute as a button back then. These guys were pretty big, and it didn’t take them much effort to just push her away, laughing in her face as they continued running down the street with the stroller. Shrieking, "OUR BABY!" and "It’s ours now!"

At this point, my mom just lost it.

She started raging on them with her bag, beating them over their heads. She picked up her shoe and threw it at one of them. She kicked them, punched them, tried to knee them in the balls. We’re talking full-on wide-eyed lady with a grudge, here, biting one of the guys in the arm when he tried to shove her aside.

And it worked. She chased them off. They ran off, howling, one clutching his arm, wailing. She threw her other shoe at them as they hobbled away.

My mom, shaking from head to toe with adrenaline, turned the stroller around and walked back home, barefoot. Only at this point did people rush in to “help.”


3/22. My father passed away when I was 8 years old, with my other siblings being 9 years old, 3 years old and 13 months.

My mother has raised us all very well (I think), my elder sister is a pharmacist, I'm studying at university and my younger siblings are still in school. My mother has managed to raise over £100,000 for the disease which took my father, she has travelled to Cuba and Morocco to run marathons well into her 50s, and she has also carried the torch in the summer Olympics.

She's pretty badass to me.


4/22. I grew up with an abusive mother. But my dad stayed with her until my brother and I were both old enough to be on our own. I thought that he was just too whipped to leave, so I asked him why:

"I found out that most families who are in the military (my dad) go through a divorce, the one not in the service (my mom) gets the kids. I wasn't going to leave you alone with her."


5/22. My dad pushed 1300 pounds of drywall off of my mom, thinking my little brother was trapped under it too. We were building our house, and the contractors had...

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