The One With Things You May Not Have Noticed The First Time You Watched 'Friends'.

The One With Things You May Not Have Noticed The First Time You Watched 'Friends'.


Friends. Arguably one of the most loved and celebrated TV shows of all time. Fans around the world re-watch all ten seasons over and over and over again each year, even though the show ended well over a decade ago.

As more fans discover it, and more fans re-watch it for the twentieth time, little "easter eggs" (aka audience treats) come to light. Here are some of our favourites!

1. Thought you fooled us there? Think again!

Phoebe says that Ross has never chased someone to an airport before, to which he agrees "Not since my copy show got canceled." In fact, he chased his second wife Emily to the airport to tell her he loved her in a very similar fashion to this scene.


2. Continuity is key

In the episode where Joey finds out his dad is cheating on his mom, his mom enters the apartment with a bag of groceries and puts them on the stove, where they promptly fall over. The next time you see them, the back is back up. Next scene, down.

Lisa Heck

3. How can you forget this one?

In season one Monica claims it's her first Thanksgiving in the apartment, however in the fifth season Phoebe tells the story of Monica's worst Thanksgiving which takes place a year before season one with all of them gathered together. Remember, it's the one where Joey puts the giant turkey on his head?


4. Make up your mind!

Rachel's birthday keeps changing! In season four she says she was born on May 5th, making her a Taurus. In season season, when a policeman asks for her driver's license, he remarks that she's an Aquarius meaning she was born in January or February.


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