The Worst Rationalizations People Have Given For Being Awful

The Worst Rationalizations People Have Given For Being Awful


It's truly incredible to watch people try and rationalize some of their bad habits. Sure sometimes it's innocent (I'm eating this donut because I actually went to the gym yesterday), but in these cases, it's definitely not okay.

People from Reddit shared their stories of the worst ways that people have explained away their bad deeds. If it wasn't for the horrible actions, some of these mental gymnastics would be impressive.

Source at the end of the article. Comments edited for clarity.

1. Uhh, legally you do...

"I'm an adult, and I don't have to tell people where I'm going" 

Regarding turn signal usage.


2. Classic.

My husband's ex once told him that he didn't deserve to get the money he loaned her paid back because, by asking her about it on the day he was expecting it, he was showing that he didn't think she was going to pay it, and so to teach him a lesson she decided not to.


3. ...Gross.

I once called out a lady in a store for dropping trash as she walked.

She just said: "Why? Someone who works here will just pick up after me."

She wasn't wrong, but how can you have that level of entitlement in public?


4. Could have been worse.

One time I went out with a girl and when I asked her out next she said "Well we had such a great time on our first date that I wouldn't want to ruin the experience. You set the bar so high on the first one that the second one would not live up to the expectation".

Just say you aren't interested, jeez.


5. Unfortunately this is pretty common.

My Mom is a conspiracy theorist with her own weird rationalizations:

  1. I have the best kind of evidence, anecdotal evidence!

  2. I realized that no one can really know anything so I just believe whatever I feel is true.


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