‘They Were Right The Whole Time.’ People Show Humility and Reveal Stories of Those Who Were Right After All.

‘They Were Right The Whole Time.’ People Show Humility and Reveal Stories of Those Who Were Right After All.


11/28. Nikita Khrushchev, on the US going into Vietnam: "Why take the risk? It will drop into our lap like a rotten apple."


12/28. The Redditor that claimed to see Mark Zuckerberg taking an elevator to the oculus rifts's floor, with no way to prove it no one believed him until Facebook bought oculus rift shortly after.


13/28. Rick Rescorla, a retired Army officer, was the Chief Security Officer of Morgan Stanley in the World Trade Center. He foresaw a terrorist attack on the towers and created a very thorough evacuation procedure should such an event occur. He wrote a report about the structural integrity of the towers and gave it to Port Authority but it was ignored.

On 9/11, he ignored the initial instructions to stay put and orchestrated the evacuation of 2500+ employees.


14/28. Former Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki. He made the mistake of speaking truth to power when telling Congress that "something in the order of several hundred thousand soldiers" would be needed to secure postwar Iraq if a US invasion were to happen. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz turned him into a punching bag on television over it.


15/28. This is a more personal example, but still relevant, I believe.

My little sister would definitely get this award, as she saw red flags with Amway before me or our parents. Our dad was introduced to the MLM and subsidiary Quixtar (now called Amway Global) by a coworker, and thought it would be a good way to make money on the side.

We attended several seminars, meetings, and an event known as "Free Enterprise Day", and met other business owners. Good grief, it was a genuine cult on par with Scientology, complete with brainwashing, chants (such as "Freedom!", "Awesome!", and "Flush that job!"), and bait-and-switch tactics. However, only my sister recognized something vile about it from the beginning, when she repeatedly said how "creepy" the people and events were. She also cleverly asked Dad to help her with math homework by using an Amway venture as an example of how much money one can make; depressingly, the answer was a very low amount.

Eventually, as we got exposed to more of the cultishness of Amway, and heard of more horror stories, we realized just how right my sister was. She has always been very vigilant since she was born, but even for a (then) 9 year old, it was nothing short of amazing. We quit the venture, and ended up saving tons of money from being lost in a financial void.


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