‘They Were Right The Whole Time.’ People Show Humility and Reveal Stories of Those Who Were Right After All.

‘They Were Right The Whole Time.’ People Show Humility and Reveal Stories of Those Who Were Right After All.


16/28. Gastric ulcers were thought to be caused by stress and spicy food. Dr. Barry Marshall thought it might be caused by a germ. He intentionally infected himself with the bacteria. He got sick from it, and he cured himself with antibiotics.

It earned him a Nobel Prize.


17/28. Ernest Hemingway claimed the FBI was spying on him. He was deemed crazy and was then institutionalized, undergoing horrible shock therapy that ultimately ended in his suicide. Turns out, the FBI was, indeed, following him.

He lived in Cuba for a while, met Castro, and had previously reported on the Spanish Civil War while staying with the leftists. He was thought to be a little too close to the commies.


18/28. Jose Canseco.

Guy wrote a book detailing MLB's steroid use. Everyone went nuts and blamed him for trying to make a quick buck.

10 years later, almost the entire era juiced.

Jose was right.


19/28. The guy who predicted that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor but no one listened to him, including the general who he had told. His job was to translate encrypted messages coming from Japan's naval force but he was unable to do so in time. Despite this he told a general that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor because "That's what he would do".


20/28. Greg Lemond. The Tour de France winner who accused Lance Armstrong of doping way before anyone believed it.Greg simply had the balls to state something publicly about it. And what happens?

He becomes a complete pariah, loses a multi million dollar contract with Trek bikes after they state they want him to apologize for saying it - and have the gall to state it was due to him calling out their main cash cow, Lance Armstrong (and if you don't believe Lance had a hand in it you are an idiot.)

Not only that but Greg doubled down and literally would confront Lance publicly on it a couple of times and even caught Lance on the phone telling him he would ruin him financially because he would not shut up about it.

Meanwhile, he was disinvited to a past Tour Winners dinner and celebration based on his tarnished image (rumor has it Lance had his hand in that) and was the object of derision in many eyes.

Then it all came out.....Greg was right and Lance was a lying scumbag.

People here are mourning the loss of Armstrong as a hero...yea I suppose you can say that. But you know, there was one guy who stood by his principles and burned for it for years... but his soul is clean when he was turned out to be right.

Greg LeMond is the hero here folks.


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