‘They Were Right The Whole Time.’ People Show Humility and Reveal Stories of Those Who Were Right After All.

‘They Were Right The Whole Time.’ People Show Humility and Reveal Stories of Those Who Were Right After All.


21/28. Harry Markopolos who figured out the Madoff Ponzi scheme and delivered it fully documented to the SEC. This was years before the scheme fell apart in 2008.

There's book called "No One Would Listen". Also made into a movie.


22/28. Seattle's former mayor Mike McGinn. Ran on a platform that included the idea that a huge tunnelling project was poorly thought out and that Seattle would be on the hook for when the project went over budget.

Now the tunnel boring machine ("Bertha") has been stuck under downtown for months, the project is way over budget and has run long. The whole thing is a giant mess and he was absolutely right.


23/28. The Dixie Chicks, mainly Natalie Maines . For stating an opinion that disagreed with their south of the Mason-Dixon Line fan base, they were basically bullied off most 'stars n bars' radio stations, threatened, and constantly harassed. All because one person didn't think our president was making the right decision about going to war.

And they were right.


24/28. Alfred Wegener

He was a German astronomer/meteorologist/climatologist and geophysicist who was alive in the early 20th century. He saw how the continents fit together, believed that the continents were slowly moving over geological time, and coined the terms "continental drift" and "Pangea". He traveled all over the world collecting evidence of this. He found ancient coral reef remains at high latitudes. He found perfectly matching fossil records at continental margins, and perfectly matching rock layers. He found perfectly matching glacial evidence at continental boundaries too.

Of course, all of his contemporaries laughed at him and completely disregarded his evidence. The key he was missing to his theory was sea floor spreading, which no one knew about because sonar had not been invented yet. Unfortunately he died before sea floor spreading was discovered. But damn was he right.


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