Things Most People Don't Know About The Sixth Sense.

Things Most People Don't Know About The Sixth Sense.


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2/20 Bruce Willis turned down the role of Sam Wheat in Ghost because he thought playing a ghost would be detrimental to his career. He only made The Sixth Sense because it was one of two movies he owed Disney after causing another production, The Broadway Bawler, to be shut down when he fired the director. He was paid half of his usual salary at the time but in the end The Sixth Sense was a commercial success and is considered one of his best performances.

3/20 The color red is intentionally absent from most of the film, but it is used in a few shots for showing something in the real world that has been tainted by the other world, such as the church door, Cole's sweater at the birthday party, Kyra's mother's dress at the wake, and the shawl wrapped about sleeping Anna.

4/20 Haley Joel Osment got the role of Cole after turning up to the audition wearing a tie. Director M. Night Shyamalan was also very impressed when he asked Haley if he'd read his part in advance and Osment said he read it three times. Shyamalan clarified, "Wow, you read your part three times?" To which Osment replied, "No, I read the script three times."

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