This Gay Man Perfectly Explains Why Gay Bars Are So Important To LGBTQ.

This Gay Man Perfectly Explains Why Gay Bars Are So Important To LGBTQ.


Gay men on Reddit were asked: "How do you feel about straight men at gay bars?" One user, jm0112358, had this eye-opening response explaining a viewpoint that many of us have not considered.

"One thing you have to consider is that if you're straight, you have the luxury of being able to safely assume everyone around you is straight unless someone indicates otherwise. Gay people don't have the equivalent luxury. In fact, for many gays/lesbians, a gay bar is the only place in which they (at least used to be able to) safely assume that others are gay/lesbian (or bi) unless otherwise indicated.

Keep in mind that if you're a straight person going to a gay bar, you make it harder for the LGB patrons to find potential partners. After all, if enough straight people go to a gay bar, it's no longer a gay bar, and the local gays/lesbians may have no where they can safely hit on others of the same sex. In a world in which almost everyone is straight, it's nearly impossible to meet potential partners of the same sex face-to-face unless you have some agreed upon area where almost everyone is gay/bi (such as a gay bar).

Consider a gay guy who goes on a ski trip in a group of 160 people. That's already a huge group that's bigger than most. Educated estimates for LGBT people are about 5% of the population, so that means probably about 8 people in the group are gay or bi. Now image that you wanted to do what straight people often do, meet someone, hang out, maybe even have some sexy-time. Half of those 8 will be women, and only half will be single. So that brings it down to 2 single gay guys including yourself in the entire group.

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