This Guy Who Visited North Korea Talks About What It's Really Like.

This Guy Who Visited North Korea Talks About What It's Really Like.


It's decidedly dangerous to visit North Korea, one of the most secretive and oppressive nations on earth. Thankfully, Reddit user busted visited, and he was kind enough to describe his experience for us. He answered some FAQ's about his trip to the communist hermit kingdom. 

1. Food for thought?

Q: Did you get sick from the food? I heard some tourists get sick from the seafood there.

A: I didn't try the seafood, so I don't know about that. However, I can tell you that food was more than enough for all of us. We were stuffed from the first meal to the last. While it was not the best in the world, it was certainly good. For example this is what we ate in Kaesong, a city near 38th parallel.


It was enough for 3 people to share.

Some may think it’s all a show, but I think it’s just how the top 0.1% in North Korea live their lives.

2. Law and order.

Q: Will they "punish" you if you refuse to bow to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il's statues?

Yes. You will be asked again to bow. If you refuse again you will:

1) Be locked in your hotel room for the entirety of the trip and be sent home knowing that you will never be able to go to North Korea again.

2) Be forced to write a letter explaining your actions and apologizing to "the people of the DPRK" and give that to your guides. They may also get into trouble for your actions.

If you fail to write that letter or if you do anything more to incite them further, you maybe arrested and at that point, you will most likely be sentenced to hard labor or shot.

I was told this in a briefing session held by the travel company.

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