Waiters Describe The Absolute Worst First Dates They've Ever Witnessed.

Waiters Describe The Absolute Worst First Dates They've Ever Witnessed.


He was a very good looking dude and was alway super polite and very nice to me, but he was super awkward. The girls would look kind of skeptical as they walked in (probably because of the crappy diner scene). Every week, about halfway through the meal, like clockwork, the girls would develop these "get me the hell outta here faces." Thats when I would bring the check. They always boxed up their food and left right away.

I had the chance to talk to one of them while he was in the restroom. Apparently he wasn't harmful, there was just something off about him that the girls didn’t like. His persistence is on point though.


9. This woman was the worst woman I've ever waited on. She was needy and slurped down her iced tea like there was a world wide shortage. He was silent. He didn't talk once except to order his quesadilla burger, and she just kept going and going prattling on. And she was mean too! Talking down about how people were losers to be servers, and how much better it was to work in a shop.

At the end, he went to the bathroom and just never came back. He apparently jetted out the side door where the to-go girls worked and gave them a twenty to give to me. Worst Woman was just sitting there and waiting for him to come back. I stood there at the servers station just waiting for her to realize he wasn't coming back.


10. Man and woman cozy in a booth. Different woman storms in through the front door literally dragging two kids behind her, right past the hostess station to stand defiantly in front of the couple and proceeds to FREAK OUT. Dude literally had no words.


11. I work at a country club that is up to its ears in old money

I was serving a young couple and the power imbalance was phenomenal. She was the daughter of one of the board members and the entire staff knew her. And the gent, well he wasn't a member, and certainly looked like he was just your average broke college student. The date seemed to go smoothly enough until I brought the bill. (continued...)

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