Women Who Actually Said 'No' To A Proposal Explain What Happened.

Women Who Actually Said 'No' To A Proposal Explain What Happened.


Women who said "No" to a proposal on Reddit were asked: "What made you say no and what was the outcome?" These are some of the best answers.

2/26 We were 19. He proposed with a cubic zirconia ring and pretended to impress me (and all of our friends) by stating it was real.

In general, he was a chronic liar and cheater. Very insecure and seemed to be the type who wanted to "trap" someone into marriage. I was much more insecure and passive then.

He got married two months ago. Thank God I said no.


3/26 We'd been dating long distance for two months when he called me and laid out his entire life plan for "us". We were to marry. Immediately. I would graduate school, become pregnant a lot while using my (art) degree to support our kids and his suddenly desired career in full time volunteer ministry work. Never mind our religious differences and my already stated intention to remain childless.

He didn't propose. Propose implies asking. He just stated it as fact and was honestly surprised when I objected.

None of this was in my life plan, at all, nor was it discussed between us prior. He broke up with me very shortly afterward, citing my supposed inability to be a 'reasonable, rational person' in light of my rejection of his unilateral propositions.


4/26 We'd been dating for three years, having some trouble and he wasn't interested in making any changes to work things out. He basically broke up with me, turned out I was relieved, then found out he was really just bluffing to 'teach me a lesson'. When he figured out that I was okay with breaking up, he proposed. Really pissed me off. I actually responded with "I have a date this weekend". I guess that was a little harsh, but don't propose out of desperation because you screwed up.


5/26 We were 19 and in a [messed up] on/off relationship. At the time of the proposal we were off and in my head we were off for good. He came to my house and begged for me to come back including a tear filled proposal. I said no, got out of his truck and went back inside. A month later he told me he was going to be a dad. He knocked someone up around the time he wanted me back.


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