10 Animal Lovers Reveal the Creepiest Thing Their Pet Has Ever Done.

We all love our pets, but sometimes they make that weird movement, or that strange sound, and they totally creep us out.

Here are ten stories of pets creeping out their owners.

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1/10. The creepiest thing my cat Fatso ever did was come back and visit mea year and a half after she died! I buried her at my moms under a tree and then some time later moved about 25 miles away. It was on a night that I couldnt sleep, which is very unusual for me. I tossed and turned for hours. I was lying on my side watching the clock when I felt an all too familiar pounce on the bed, right behind my knees. I froze. Then I felt the circlingyou know the one where they have to circle several times before settling down. She circled and then sat. And then I could very clearly feel the rhythm of her licking at her chest. After another few seconds, I felt her get up, head towards the foot of the bed, and leap off.

After remembering how to breathe again, I turned over slowly and peeked around the room. I was alone.

A friend asked if I still owned any of her belongings and I told her that I have her collar that she wore her entire life (14 years). She said thats how she found me and most likely just wanted to know where I had gone. She then asked if I turned to see her. I said, Absolutely not! I knew it was her and I was okay with it being her. But I most certainly didnt want to see her ghost! Most likely I wouldnt have seen anything. But still

Myra Naito

2/10. At one point in his career, my husband traveled a lot leaving me and my cat Norman alone for several days at a time. This was no problem, as I actually enjoy being alone and who could be lonely if they have a cat near by?

Ordinarily, my husband and I didnt communicate much while he was away because of the strenuousness of his job and his commute and the fact that he was second shift while I was working first.

Every evening when I came home, Norman would be waiting for me in the front hall where she would proceed to entangle herself around my feet while I tried to get my coat and shoes off. Except of this one night. (continued...)

I came home as usual, but instead of sitting in the front hall waiting for me, Norman was standing at the doorway to our bedroom. She starting calling to me. Walking up to me, and then back to the doorway. It looked like Lassie when she was trying to tell them that Timmy had fallen in the well.

Long story short, I finally followed her into the bedroom where she jumped up onto the bed and stared at the phone. Within a minute the phone rang! It was my husband telling me he was going to be coming home early and not to put the chain on the door.

She had never alerted me to a phone call before and never did it again. Thats about as creepy as Norm ever got. Still amazes me that she knew he was going to call.

Zelda Butler

3/10. My quaker parrot is quite talkative - and he tends to use his vocabulary in context. He wont say yummy unless hes eating a treat. He wont say wanna come out if hes already outside his cage. Whatcha doing? and Come here! are for when he cant see where I am

.And thats why Im baffled by how, when he occasionally gets violent and bites me hard, he never fails to laugh hysterically IN MY VOICE and proclaim, Youre so funny!

Its SUPER CREEPY. WHY is it so funny that Im in pain because you bit me, little guy? I love you, but that laugh in context is sinister!

Julia Kay

4/10. Talk to another cat that had passedfor weeks. I think.

I once had three cats, two young who grew up and played together. One very old.

The old one, Crystal, never really cared for the younger ones, but one of the younger ones, Kita, the male, oh, he just loved her. No matter she was kind of mean to him, he loved her all the same.

Crystal kitty used to yowl, to call me. It was something she started as she slowly lost her sight, as she went from old to really, really old. She would make this one, very particular yowl, whenever she needed to know where I was. I'd answer, that would be it. She was the only one who ever did it. I was the only one who answered. (continued...)

At 24 3/4 years, it was Crystal kitty's time. I used to say I had that cat longer than I had breasts, and it was true. I took her passing hard. Kita took it hard too. Even Moisha, who previously never once acted like she enjoyed anything except tormenting Crystal, even Moisha mourned.

I went to bed that first night.and the sound of Crystal kitty calling me woke me up. It happened night after night, for weeks. I thought I was losing my mind.

Maybe it was Kita, though often both he and Moisha were in bed with me when I was awoken to that particular call. If it was Kita, I never once actually saw him make that sound, not ever, not once on his entire 20 years.

Jill E Griffin

5/10. This is Junior

I choose not to think about exactly how much he understands sometimes. Like, say, when he killed a moth in the bathroom while I pooped. He was sitting on the counter, and the moth landed on the mirror. Junior sat up on his haunches, flicked out a paw and crushed the moth, then purposely smeared it down the mirror.

Or when he turned a full grown squirrel into a finger puppet. He ate the tail and guts out of it and left the hollowed out top half laying around like litter from the most fucked up puppet show ever.

Or when he picked up a mouse in his paw, stuck it in the corner of his mouth where his shearing teeth are, and ate its face off. While it was alive. Then he dropped it on the ground and watched it with apparent glee.

Or, when he was playing with a mouse hed caught in the house, and he punished it for trying to get away from him. Hes not a small cat. He weighs around 18 pounds. So, when he slapped his paw down on the fleeing mouse, it wasnt going anywhere. But Junior wasnt satisfied. Apparently it offended him that the mouse didnt want to play. So, he put both paws on the mouses body, and leaned on it like he was giving it CPR. Something went *crack* in the mouse, and it let out a squeak. Junior relented, and stepped back to watch as the poor thing scrambled around with considerably less dexterity than previously.

See, if I think about his problem solving abilities, or that japanese researchers have found that cats understand cause and effect, then I might have to come to the conclusion that my fat, furry little buddy is a ravening psychopath.

Sal Eedy

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6/10. This is Tony.

He's a rescue, and loves us a lot.

At night he usually sleeps in a cat bed lined with fleece on the tallest dresser. There is a shorter dresser at the foot of our bed he has to jump on to reach it. Typically, he just uses that dresser as a stepping stone to the one he really wants to lay on.

One night around 3am I woke with a start for no apparent reason. The apartment was silent, but not entirely dark as our blinds don't completely block the street lights outside. Well, maybe I just need to relax and get back to sleep I wonder why I feel so paranoid

Then I heard the purring. Aww, is he on the other side of the bed? No, just my partner and a sleeping Vlad (our other cat) who doesn't purr loudly. Tony was no where to be oh there he is. I can see his silhouette against the street lights.

Sitting upright on the dresser close to the bed, away from his cat bed. Purring like crazy. Watching us sleep.

Maybe we should have named him Edward.

Anath Sheridan

7/10. I awoke one morning, probably Saturday, to the noise of a swishing sound in other parts of the house. My bedroom door was closed, and the bedroom is on the second floor of the house. It sounded like the swishing sound was downstairs most of the time, but occasionally would come up the stairs and into the back bedroom, before going back downstairs again. It was pretty spooky.

(I should mention that I also had problems several years before with appliances turning on by themselves. I later figured out the appliances had bad timing motors that would run when the appliances knobs were in the Off position. I also had a side gate to the backyard open by itself dozens of timesnever figured that one out. On another time I awoke one morning to the sound of a large dog barking in the attic. Talk about freaky!

I cautiously went up into the attic, and found the bearings on one of the rotating vents had worn out, and it was making a sound exactly like a barking dog, sort of a Rrrr-rrr-rrr-Rrrr-rrr sound constantly, varying a bit with the speed of the wind. To top it all off, I had recently found out that the husband of the previous owner died falling off the roof, so the possibility of poltergeists were on my mind.)

I finally decided I had to do something about the noise, for who knows what it was. (continued...)

Maybe a bird had broken in through a window or something. We have red tail hawks around here. I opened my bedroom door and stepped out into the hall, but not as far as the ninety degree turn to go down the stairs. I could hear the swishing sound moving around downstairs. Suddenly, it sounded like it was coming up the stairs. I braced myself, and my cat Rocket came flying past with a plastic grocery bag handle over his head as he raced into the back bedroom.

I managed to corral him, and took the bag off his head. His heart was racing and Im sure he was in a panic. He calmed down, but I imagine he hated plastic grocery bags from there on out. I think he was probably rooting around in a trash can, which I often line with grocery bags, for a used fabric softener sheet. I soon learned to put those away where he couldnt find them, because he liked to eat them. Still, one would occasionally stick to clothes, and he was good at finding those, too. Hes deceased now, probably in a nice place without grocery bags, but with an endless supply of fabric softener sheets, nicely torn into thirds.

David Currey

8/10. We had a strange little black and white cat called Scarlet who was very interested in anything psychic and would insist on joining in if you tried to meditate, pushing her nose into you face and going "Watcha doin' mumma?" I have read of cases where humans who could do astral projection became so still and cold that they appeared dead, and I believe that Scarlet may have been able to do this - although it's also possible that she fell into some kind of coma, since her health wasn't good, or that she had triggered some kind of ancestral hibernation mechanism.

At any rate when we'd had her for about six months, and she was maybe two years old, I found her curled up on the sofa apparently stone dead. There's a look that dead animals have, a characteristic way their fur lies, and she had it. Her body was icy cold and when I shook her, trying to wake her up, her tightly-curled body moved in a solid block like something stuffed. It seemed clear that she was not only dead but had been dead long enough for rigor mortis to be fully developed. I said out loud "Oh, Scarlet!" and she then woke up perfectly normally, if a bit blearily.

Also, I've been keeping rats for decades and so I've seen many rats who have died. Usually the bodies are left to lie until I find them the next day, or occasionally buried in wood shavings. Once, though, I found a female rat lying dead and her cage-mates had got hold of two lamb shoulder-blades (given to them to gnaw on) and had dragged them across to the body and then arranged them to form a sort of covering. What was so creepy was that they were perfectly symmetrically arranged, with the two blades meeting in a peak over the dead doe's spine, like some sort of ritual burial.

Claire Jordan

9/10. I noticed that one of my friends stopped coming to my house as he used to do. He stopped talking to me gradually and he started treating me in a very different way. (continued...)

At first, I thought that maybe he had a problem in his family and so I confronted him. He said it is because of what you did the other day. I was shocked! I didn't do anything!

He said: I came to your house, knocked the door and you shouted at me: I'm not here, F*ck off!.

It appeared that the pet parrot my brother bought few days ago said that. I took my friend to our house and we knocked the door. Thankfully, the parrot said these words again.

I don't know who taught him these words, but it could've cost me my friend.

Mark Tarablsi

10/10. My dog Branston Pickle wakes me up in the middle of the night - Im not actually sure how I get woken - but I wake to him standing up staring right at me next to my bed, about 6 inches from my face.

If I watch him for a bit, he just stares back. Its creepy.

Russell Smith


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