10 Lingerie Store Employees Reveal The Most Bizarre Experiences They've Had With Customers.

This article is based on the AskReddit question "Reddit workers of Victoria's Secret & other lingerie Stores, your most awkward experiences with customers?"

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1/10. Worked at Victoria's Secret. A 12 year old girl asked me to measure her bra size. It was awkward because she had bigger boobs than me.


2/10. I worked at Victoria's Secret, and I ran the fitting room for some time. I had a middle aged customer who was very sketchy while shopping, so I approached him to see what was up. He insisted to know my underwear size, and I asked him uncomfortably: "Am I about your girlfriend or wife's size?" He insisted it wasn't for anybody, but still kept pushing me to tell him. I told him I wasn't comfortable telling him exactly, but I was on the smaller size. He then walked towards the panty bar (the large table of underwear) and resumed looking at the women's underwear.

A few minutes later, he approaches me with his selection of panties, and asks for a fitting room. We aren't allowed to let men in the fitting rooms while occupied with women, obviously. So I politely told him I couldn't let him in at the moment, and it'd be a while to get a room. He insisted he wasn't in a rush, all while making absolute no eye contact with me. I knew something was unusual about him.

I then got consent from my manager to let him in, and I told him that he couldn't be in there too long due to the fact that I needed to let other women customers in the rooms. He takes forever, and I ask how everything was going in there, and he sounds frantic. I call my manager over to deal with the situation instead, as I help with another customer.

He then rushes out of the room quickly, without panties in hand. I assume he either stole them, or left them in the room. It was the latter, except they were covered in semen. I was appalled, but I KNEW he was up to no good.. And to my amazement, he returns a couple of weeks later. To do the same thing. Thankfully, everyone working there knew him after what happened (lucky me), and no more panties were violated.


3/10. Worked at a boutique in college. Saw a man buy a nightie (neglige?) in a size 4 and had me wrap it really nicely, etc. Made small talk, it was an anniversary gift....Awwwww, I thought. 2 weeks later, same man walks in with another woman who was NOT a size 4 and she is just chewing him out and bitching about how 'you never buy me nice things, blablabla.' We made the most awkward eye contact when I figured it out.


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4/10. A friend of mine worked at Victoria's secret. She was helping a somewhat overweight woman one day get fitted for a bra, and when she was measuring her, the woman said "Just be warned about my babies in there!" My friend laughed, thinking she meant her breasts, when suddenly something in her shirt started running. My friend screamed.

The woman kept sugar gliderslittle hamster like rodentsin her bra.


5/10. I worked at a large southern department store in VA for 3 years, 2 of those years I was the head lingerie fitter, and let me tell you I have dozens of stories. Some people really have no shame.

The most shocking to me was when this older couple (50-60) came in reeking of black and milds and booze (more so the wife than the husband). The wife who had scraggly blonde hair, missing teeth, loose skin dripping everywhere from a recent weight loss and all around bad personal hygiene asked me to fit her for a bra cause it had been upwards for 10 years since she had bought a bra, always willing to help I happily agreed. We go into the fitting room and before I know it she strips her top half and lifts her arms to reveal long (and i mean loooooong) tangled underarm hair so I measure her, tell her size and she seems delighted.

So I leave her in the room and I go select a couple bras for her, once I leave the room I see her husband caressing the mannequins vagina and staring at its arse. I let it go and go on the hunt for bras, while I'm looking he then starts yelling, quite loudly i may add, at how much would I be willing to sell the "pretty young blonde" for. I politely told him they weren't for sale etc etc but he still kept asking, caressing, and even sniffing the life sized mannequin.

So I smiled nodded and went back in to cater to his wife. When I got in there she asked since I had measured her bust would I kindly measure her waist and hips cause she'd like to know, once again I agreed with a smile. I was at her waist told her the number and she got so excited (ya know cause of the weight loss). I squatted down do reach her hips and BOOOOOM. She pulls down her elastic banded mum jeans, to reveal her large flurry, matted muff. About 4inches in front of my face was this woman's vagina, she was not wearing underwear...Obviously I couldn't do anything to upset her (sensitive job and whatnot) so I continued measuring around the sagging skin, trying not to touch anything I didn't have to and then the smell hit me. It was that old foosty, musty, old sock smell mixed with a fish market and some strong perfume.

I held my breath and told her the measurement and stood up so fast I got a head rush. I then left her to her own devices to try on and went to get some sanitizer for my hands. Of course the husband was still chatting up the mannequin but I just smiled and nodded at him and went about my business til she was done.


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6/10. I don't work at a lingerie store but I went in to La Senza get my bra size measured, and the employee that did so ended up being a bully who teased me in middle school.

It was supposed to be that opportunity I'd secretly prepared for whenever I visited my hometown, when I'd get to brag to a former bully I had run into on the street about how successful and happy I am. It was not. She fondled me in awkward silence before telling me that I had been wearing the wrong bra size for years.


7/10. This really meth-y looking woman with stringy hair, scabby skin, and missing teeth came up to me in the fitting room in Target one day. She had 3 strapless bras that she wanted to try on, as it was quite clear that she wasn't wearing a bra under her thin cotton dress. She dropped the bras and gave myself and the other women's department employee a full view of her saggy breasts. She then attempted to steal one of the bras- her chest looked a hell of a lot better than it did when she went in, and she only gave me back 2 of the bras.

The cutest story, though not what the thread is asking for, is of another time I was in the fitting room. A 3-year-old girl ran past the desk with her father chasing her. She ran straight up to a rack of bras and yelled, "Daddy, look! It's a bra! You put them on your boobies! We should get one for mom because she has boobies!"


8/10. This is one of my favorite stories to tell. Not a Victoria's Secret, but I worked for Lane Bryant for two years. LB is a plus-size store and they carry a bra/lingerie line called Cacique. Anyway, I'm doing my thing and in walks this little old lady, cute as a button. I ask her how she's doing and she says she is interested in buying some bras. I think this was around Christmas time so the mall and store are PACKED.

So I take the old lady into a dressing room and she starts VERY loudly telling me all about herself, how she's 85 years old and she used to teach at the local community college. So I'm chit-chatting with her and I explain that I need to take a bra measurement. I explain that she can take her shirt off if she's comfortable or I can measure over her shirt. Well she decides to take EVERYTHING off and says "Oh, just go ahead and measure me, I ain't got nothing to hide!"

So I do. Then I have to decide what in the hell type of bra an 85-year old woman would want. LB sells everything from little (or not so little) old lady bras to really sexy styles. I went through the store and grabbed a couple I thought she would like and she starts putting them on. But nothing is fitting very well and in between bras, she keeps going on and on about her boobs and why nothing fits very well. In between going in and out of the dressing room, people are staring me down and wondering what the hell is going on in there.

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I grab every style that we have and bring it in the dressing room and nothing is fitting right. Finally she yells out "WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH MY TITS?" and I just f***ing lose it laughing. I am SO embarrassed to walk out of the dressing room. She finally, FINALLY found a bra that she liked... and it was our Plunge bra, which is designed for maximum cleavage and has removable inserts to really get the girls close together.


9/10. 1) I saw a child of four performing oral sex on a mannequin

2) A lady attempted to return a pair of panties but forgot to remove the bloody pad attached to them

3) I caught girl going down on her boyfriend in a fitting room, and we had to clean his cum off the mirror afterwards

4) A man came in and tried on multiple thongs, which we subsequently had to damage out

5) A man wanted to buy perfume for his wife, so he asked my coworker to spray it on herself so he could smell what it was like on someone. He then licked her arm and ran out the door.

6) During a sale, two women went for the same bra, resulting in a fist-fight and a bra ripped in half

7) I had to tell a woman who had undergone a breast reduction (42DDD) that her new size was 42A (a size that basically doesn't exist), and she started crying

8) Every week, a size XL woman came in and bought size S panties, complaining that our quality wasn't very good because her panties were always ripping

9) A man pointed to his crotch and asked me if I thought he could fit into a size large, then proceeded to take a pair of panties, size large, into the fitting room and try them on.

10) A woman came in to return a huge bag full of items. She had probably 20 receipts, each from a different state. Her husband was a trucker who enjoyed buying lingerie--but not for her--and she had found his stash.


10/10. I worked at a boutique during high school and also recently to pay for university. Some of the most notable experiences:

Man and a woman come in reeking of booze. She grabs some bras off of the racks and heads to the fitting room to try them on, he staggers in after her. The store is busy, fitting rooms are full, so she just starts changing in the middle of fitting area. Boobs out, boyfriend is trying to 'help' her into the bras. He gets bored with his lady friend and turns to the girl in charge of the fitting rooms who is trying to get them to stop. He grabs her breasts and tries to proposition her for a threesome, then the woman spanks her. Security finally comes. On the way out, the man walks by a mother and her pre-teen daughter and spanks the little girl's bum. That didn't end nicely.

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We had torch lights mounted on the walls in the change rooms, a few teenage girls went in to try on bras. Each of them left a bloody tampon in their fitting room lights. Friends synchronize, I guess.

The most uncomfortable one was probably when an older lady came in with her granddaughter, who was awkward, shy, and 12 years old. The lady was obviously upset and uncomfortable, and requested that I help them with finding underwear for the girl. I showed them to the practical undies that would be most age-appropriate, and the grandma shakes her said and said, "Oh... No. Her father wouldn't like those. He wants her to be wearing something lacy." Ok. This is weird. So I'm show them some full-coverage lacy panties when this greasy-looking man comes into the store, looks at them, and says, "No. I want her to have matching bra and underwear sets. I want her in a thong. Blue, if you have it." The girl is petrified and keeps mumbling that she doesn't want to wear things like that, grandma is looking at the ceiling, so I tell the man that he can deal with it himself and make his choices because I can't help them anymore. So he ends up making his selections and measuring them against his daughter in the middle of the store while I go talk to the manager. She says we can't do anything. They make their purchase and leave. Grandma comes in the next day to apologize.

New mom was trying on bras, I was helping her adjust the straps and facing her, then she lifts her breast a little to get it into the cup and she just lactates onto the bra and my hand.

Kind of like the top post here, I had a man and a woman come into the store and they were browsing around, the guy holding up lingerie that the girl might like. They're cute, kissy and everything. His phone rings, "Oh fuck, haha, it's her!" She's like, "Hahah oh my god! Why does she always call you?" So he gets on the phone and is like, "Hey. Yea babe, I'm just hanging out with the guys. I told you, we're watching the game. Ya. K. Love you." They laugh about how she has no idea and how sneaky they are until they realize I've been stacking panties behind them the entire time.



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