10 Teachers Reveal The Most Ridiculous Things Said To Them By Parents.

Being a teacher can be both rewarding and challenging. Some kids are more difficult to get through to than others, but even the worst behaved students, for the most part, are manageable.

But parents?
Parents are a whole other story.

1. That I was responsible for the childhood obesity epidemic. With the 20 minutes of homework I gave three times a week. To high school honors freshmen.

2. A parent once claimed that her daughter kept losing her school jumper because I was selling them.


3. That the reason their son was making inappropriate, sexual comments towards me was because I was "enticing him with flirtatious private meetings". They were referring to the times I had to keep him back after class to lecture him on his behaviour.


4. I had a student tell her parents that I was picking on her because I tossed her a piece of candy and she didn't catch it, so it hit her forehead. The parents came in and called me racist for picking on their daughter because she's Mexican. I looked at them and said, "Are... Are you serious? Is this some sort of a joke?"
The mom proceeded to say, "Absolutely not. I can tell you're racist by looking right at you."
I responded, "I don't know if you noticed, but I'm Mexican."

5. "She doesn't have to be smart, she has to be pretty. She will find a rich man, marry him and never use chemistry again."

6. Parent of a high school freshman: "My son is struggling so much. Can you send home a copy of the test ahead of time so he can prepare?"

7. One of my 5th graders had been flashing gang signs, drawing gang symbols, and bragging about dealing hard drugs. I showed his mom one of his many drawing of gang symbols. She was pissed. She asked me if she could see the drawing and a pencil. Upon giving these to her, she began editing. She said, "that f*cker didn't even draw it right."

8. During my work-experience at a kindergarden, one of the mothers said I was a pedophile, because what other reason would there be for a male to work at a kindergarden?

9. This year, I was asked if I work in special education because I couldn't get a job teaching "regular kids."

10. From the mom of a high school freshman: Can you [the teacher who has 130 students every day] make sure he puts his homework in his homework folder every day? I want him to be better organized, but I just don't have the time. I have 5 kids!

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