11 Grossed Out Janitors Share Their Most 'WTF' Moment On The Job.

We all know that feeling of walking out of the bathroom wondering who is going to have to deal with the mess we found (or created) in there. It's a feeling that sits deep at the pit of one's stomach. Best not to think about it.

Here are eleven of the most "WTF" things janitors have seen on the job.

Many thanks to Reddit user TheWellets for posing this questions. You can see more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/11. Janitor at vet hospital. A dog came in on emergency with a distended stomach. After meds were given, he threw up half an opossum, in bits. I threw up for twenty minutes after helping mop up.


2/11. Not me. I was in the hospital for appendicitis and I was up for surgery within a few hours. At that point, I hadn't been to the doctor in decades, so I was very nervous to be having surgery. I HATE going to the doctor's office so being bed-ridden and hooked up to IV and machines was unbearable. The morning of my appendectomy, a nurse tells me that I will be cleaned before going into surgery. Cleaned? Like do you want me to go take a shower, because I'll go take a shower.

No, she says. "Someone is going to sponge wash your naked body." No! No way, that's humiliating! I'm the type of person who swims with a shirt on. I'll just take a shower.

Out of the question. Do you want to get well? So, for thirty minutes I'm dreading the fact that not only will someone see me naked, but they are also going to wash every little crevice of my squishy body. WHY JESUS?!! WHY?!! Somebody please 9/11 this hospital! I just wanted to die.

Then, all of a sudden, Knock knock! Please don't be a hot chick, PLEASE don't be a hot chick. The door opens and an older Hispanic woman walks in. She says Hi. Hey. She's walking towards me and I'm hyping myself up and I'm like thinking to myself, stop being a pussy! The faster I get cleaned, the faster I get to surgery! F*ck it! Let's do this.

So I say to her, "I'm ready" and pull my robe up to my face, exposing lots of naked man. She literally gasps and says "Eww!" WTF?! Eww?!!! EWW?!!!!! After what seemed like an eternity of me being naked and not breaking eye contact with her, she does the Family Guy Consuela thing and says, "No, no". She walks to the foot of my bed, empties the bed side trash can and walks out. She was just the janitor.


3/11. When I was janitorial at Walmart, I had to clean one of the most unholy messes I have ever seen.

It was a Saturday like any other, I was messing around in the back trying to look busy, and I get a page to the front bathrooms for a mess. I thought it was something minor, maybe a spill, full trash, etc. BUT NO.

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I get up there and the Spanish lady that I was working with was walking out of there gagging. So I mentally prepare myself for what I am about to see. I walk in with my cart, open the stall and I see what I can only imagine is what hell looks like. It looks as if someone had exploded diarrhea EVERYWHERE.

Just climbed to the ceiling like some sort of white trash spiderman, and let loose. It was horrifying, and of course I was the only one who could clean it, the other folks couldn't stand the smell without puking. So I got to it. It took almost an hour, and a whole jug of bleach, and I got it clean.

That was about the point I realized 7.70 an hour isn't nearly enough to deal with that.


4/11. Movie Theatre. Twilight Releases. Separate occasions.

Team Jacob written in sh*t in a woman's restroom stall.

Next release? Team Edward written in period blood in a woman's restroom stall.



5/11. When I was 15, I worked at a big grocery store as part of the maintenance team. Being the rookie, I had to clean both male and female bathrooms.

Almost every time I went to clean the male bathroom, I would find raw sausages in the urinals. I was a kid, so I don't know why some idiot thought he was so funny leaving those for me to find.


6/11. In high school women's bathrooms there are small bins in the stalls for their feminine trash.

A coworker of mine filled a bag with bloody trash and brought it to a local radio station for a contest.

If you could make the host gag through smell, then you won a prize.


7/11. I worked at a high school for a few months and one of my jobs was to clean the women's restroom...

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In the last stall, I found someone has scrawled a pentagram onto the wall... in blood. This being a women's restroom, that left me a fairly clear idea where it might have come from. But I did my job and cleaned it up.

A couple weeks later I go to clean the restroom and guess what I found? Another pentagram in blood. And I continued to find them every couple weeks for the next 6 months.


8/11. I used to work custodial at a summer camp and it never failed that at least once every other week the kids decided it would be hilarious for all of them to take a collective sh*t.

They would all go to one stall and go one after the other without flushing.

Eventually, there would reach a point where the water to sh*t ratio would flip and there would be more shit in the toilet that they would then leave for us at night to clean.

The only thing more disgusting than the smell of sh*t on top of sh*t on top of sh*t is having to clean it up.


9/11. Not me, but a friend. He was a housekeeper in one of those cheap, for-sex motels here in the Philippines. Valentines Day rush - people kept coming non-stop (in and out with the 3-hour rooms) so they had to hustle in getting the rooms ready for the couples already in line waiting for their room.

There was this room which had a toilet that got clogged with sh*t and it was overflowing with toilet water. With no plunger around (I forgot why) and the supervisor pressuring them to get it fixed in 5 minutes, he proceeded to pump the toilet with his own two hands - criss-crossing his fingers and pumping up and down, giving the toilet with what must have looked like CPR (he told the story with gestures) which caused an amazing amount of splashing dirty toilet water and liquid sh*t on him and everywhere else.

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Anyway it worked, toilet was able to flush normally. Washed up and got the next customers in there asap.


10/11. When I was a kid I did maintenance for the county park system, in a women's restroom at the home base park we started the day at, someone left a turd the length and almost width of a loaf of bread.

It was bent and you could tell they tried their hardest to flush it. We called several guys over the radio to drive over and see this thing. Then we used a piece of wood to finally chop it up and flush it down for good.

I've never seen one that big since, and I've always wondered how something like that could even be passed.


11/11. I once worked for a restaurant chain and I had to, by hand with an industrial trash bag over my arm, remove roughly 5 lbs. of solidified (like a brick) feces from the U-bend of a toilet that I can only assume was placed there by hand given that the person who caused this also jammed half of a roll of paper towels into the front of the U-bend.

After doing so I had to walk through a lobby that was at maximum capacity with a trash can full of random consistencies of feces that I could still smell although I had slathered Vick's under my nose.

I watched every single set of eyes in that lobby pierce my soul as I walked out to the compactor. I walked back in to clean the women's restroom after I had dealt with the code brown in the men's room only to find a perfect a**-print made of blood and discharge on the toilet seat and a torn set of viciously massacred panties that had been adhered to the front of the tampon disposal bin.



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