11 Key DOs and DON'Ts To Succeed In A Job Interview. #3 Is Crucial.

You can be the most qualified candidate for a position but if you can't nail the interview process, you'll never move up the ladder. Redditors were asked: "What are the dos and don'ts of a job interview?" Here are some of the best responses.

1. I bring a notepad and ask, "Do you mind if I take notes?". I never actually take notes. I just use it as a checklist of my interview questions to cover. Bring lots, in case they answer some of them before its your turn to ask questions. You NEVER want to ask a question that they had already answered during the conversation, so you need spares.

- yumcake

2. Treat every person in the office as though they are the interviewer. Be nice to everyone you see. I DO talk to my secretary, the lady at the front desk, our HR support staff, etc. after the interview to see what they thought of you.

- Illegitimi_non_carbo

3. For the question "What is your greatest weakness?" say public speaking. Nobody likes to speak in front of a huge group of people, it is common and understandable to not be good at public speaking, giving speeches in front of management or anything of the kind, use this answer, it gets you out of the question AND it is an honest answer. I am the president of my company but I still get nervy before big meetings with my managers CEO CFO or before auditors....

- HelpMeLoseMyFat

4. DON'T assume that just because the interviewer is being casual with you that you can let your guard down and treat him/her as a buddy. It's his/her job to establish a rapport with you. It is not an excuse to let your guard down.

- livefast6221

5. Dress in the best clothes you have that don't seem out of place for the job. If it's an office job then wear a button-down and tie, if it's food industry wear a polo. If you're wearing a polo and it's a casual place then you can wear a pair of nice looking jeans otherwise wear khakis.

- Xanius

6. Don't let the interviewer talk more than you do.

- Ouellette023

7. Do not interview for something you're not qualified for. It's a waste of everyone's time - companies aren't going to just settle for training you when you don't meet any of their requirements. Especially in the current job market. Bluffing your way through usually doesn't work. I've ended interviews outright when it became obvious the candidate didn't actually know what they claimed to know (unfortunately HR isn't always the best first line of defense)

- ItsMeCaptainMurphy

8. When setting up the interview, always ask if there's anything special you need to know about parking, building security, etc. The last thing you want is to be late to an interview because the building is secured and has a lengthy "check-in" process or that parking is reserved and you leave the interview to find that you've been towed.

- jlynnbizatch

9. If you can, request an interview first thing in the morning. You want to get in before the interviewer has had a chance to get bogged down with other tasks or things to think about. Try to stay away from interview times right before or after lunch. You don't want a hungry or sleepy interviewer, unless you're having the interview at lunch.

If you do end up having an interview right before lunch time, ask for a recommendation on where to eat after the interview is over. When you write your "thank you for the interview" email, mention how you really enjoyed the recommended restaurant. It'll humanize you and make the interviewer feel like they've already helped you out. People are more likely to remember that, especially if there are multiple applicants.

- supercore23

10. Ask: "What do your best employees say about working here?" You usually get some really interesting answers. It makes the interviewer have to think and be honest with you about the way things are going on their team. Remember, you're interviewing them as much as they're interviewing you.

- WindedIndian

11. When you use Linkedin the person's account you are using is notified of who viewed their information. If you have common interests great but be aware that they will know you viewed their page so it would probably be best to say "I was looking at your LinkedIn and noticed etc.".

- big_squid


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