12 Of The Biggest Lies The Internet Has Created.

There are three types of lies lies, damn lies, and statistics.
Benjamin Disraeli

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1/21. After investing time and money, I've yet to add a single inch to my penis...


2/21. It's not a lie that can be boiled down to a statement. It's an untrue idea that the internet has made possible:

It's okay to never change yourself.

This is what happens when every teenager posts his or her journal or diary online for all to see. You get groups of people who discover that others think the same way. So, rather than try to adapt to the world, they group together and isolate themselves from dissenting ideas.

Thus, the internet becomes a massive support group for every flavor of ignorance and denial.

You can see it anywhere. Reddit with young men, Tumblr with young women, Facebook with old people. If you look, you can find a group that agrees with everything you think. And with that comes an excuse to never change or even open your mind.


3/21. Your husband's internet history is falsified by adware to trick you into thinking he's visited porn and gambling sites!


4/21. I can't name the single biggest lie but the Kony 2012 thing had a lot of people fooled. It even had me fooled, up until the whole "buy this kit" thing came up.

5/21. I'm a big fan of 4chan's fake iOS7 ad (update that made the phone waterproof)

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6/21. "Hot singles in my area want to meet me right now!" I wonder how many people actually fall for that sh*t.


7/21. That you eat spiders while you sleep.


8/21. Friend of wife's had her picture holding her nephew used as a "this woman slept around while her husband was on deployment" macro. She has spent years fighting to get the slander image taken down on websites. People are weird.


9/21. That your intelligence is in the top 4% of the population of you can answer these 6 questions.

It makes me sad when I see how many people are really proud of themselves about it.


10/21. That you have to hate and shame those you don't agree with and unconditionally love the ones you do agree with.


11/21. That everyone is the most extreme version of themselves.

It changes our perceptions of people outside of our specially-created echo chambers. Everyone who isn't like me is turned into the straw-man version of the worst possible stereotype of their group. People are either for me, or against me. People are either the good guys, or the bad guys. There's no room for human complexity in a worldview where you're either right or evil.

I think this trickles into our lives and interactions beyond politics and religion, too. I think, in general, it creates an atmosphere where being right is prized above all else, and people aren't taught (by example or experience) to value compassion and patience. So first you have no patience for

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the person with a different political view, and then you have no patience for the guy who got in your way in the grocery store (because he's "not shopping right") and then you have no patience for the people closest to you because they're flawed human beings.


12/21. All the f*cking quotes people just randomly share on Facebook.


13/21. Everyone always checks the option "I have read and accepted the terms and condition", but how many people can actually say they've ever done that to it's entirety?


14/21. That the segway inventor died in an ironic segway accident He's actually still alive and trying to solve the water crisis in Africa with portable water distillers.


15/21. Phish did the bluegrass version of Gin and Juice

It was a band called The Gourds.


16/21. Will Smith's father left him when he was a child.


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17/21. When people type LOL. 99.99% of the time they didn't even give an audible chuckle. It is a bigger lie than all the 15 year olds answering yes I am over 18 years old.


18/21. Mr. Rodgers was covered in tattoos, and was formally a U.S. Marine. Nope, nada, didn't happen.


19/21. Anonymity.


20/21. "Doctors hate him." "Man finds cheap cure for baldness."


21/21. That every opinion counts and should be shared. This is not true.

Every person counts, and every person should have a voice, but not all of a person's opinions are good. Sometimes, they should not share those opinions.


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